Friday, August 31, 2007

Amos Moses/WoW

A music video to the song Amos Moses by Jerry Reed. (I luvs me some Jerry Reed...)

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Thursday, August 30, 2007

How to Use Hotspots Safely

Use a firewall, a VPN, antivirus software, turn off ad-hoc networking features...more suggestions...

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A Long-Ignored Threat: RTF Files's easy to embed an executable inside an RTF file and for the user to execute it...

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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

What If Every Child Had A Laptop?

This story was on 60 Minutes...

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Sony Using Rootkits Again

A line of USB drives sold by Sony Electronics installs files in a hidden folder that can be accessed and used by hackers, a Finnish security company says.

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Monday, August 27, 2007

free incoming text messages

I knew it would come: wireless phone spam.

I recieved a text message from "Kermit Lambe" about "stock fdke...fredericks entertainment"...

It's why I only pay for wireless services that provide FREE or UNLIMITED incoming messages: one prepaid service I had provided free incoming calls...another provided free incoming text messages (I would rarely answer that one).

Monday, August 20, 2007

AT&T and net neutrality

"...if you can do it for one group, you can do it to any group and say, 'Well, it's not intentional'...nobody should have that power to do that and then be able to exercise distributive control over the distribution and control over the content too"...AT&T has set up secret rooms...that let the NSA snoop the nation's network traffic...

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Is there a radio DJ in the house?

"Some stations have no live voices at all. Technology has resulted in far fewer DJs at radio stations. How to tell...some signs the DJ is not live or works in another time zone..."

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(I've caught's not very difficult to...)

Saturday, August 18, 2007

"plugins" plug-in more than expected

When is a "plugin" not a "plugin"? I'm VERY dissappointed in Firefox...

At a website, I clicked on an audio file...Firefox said I needed a "plugin": I chose to install the "plugin"...which was the full version of realPlayer!

Shame on you both. Since this is what I can expect, I am reconsidering the amount of time I have used Firefox over Internet Explorer.

don't buy DRM

I never purchased anything from Google Video. I did suck down a lot drinks at 7-Eleven, and buy meals at Burger King, so I could get some free tunes...

I tried to play a couple of WMA files in my collection: Windows Media Player said a license is required. I found a note file I had created with "codes" for songs I had received from

The link now forwards to Burger King's main website.

This is why I purchase CDs (and non-DRMed product).

Friday, August 17, 2007

my fantasy computer

The Dell XPS Inspiron M2010

a 20.1-inch widescreen SXGA+ display with TrueLifeTM technology...1680 x 1050 resolution...256MB ATI® MobilityTM RADEONTM X1800 graphics card

4GB of dual-channel memory

Cost at my preferred configuration: $3,687

Who loves me?...

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

AOL Mail storage limit

It states that AOL Mail and AIM Mail will have unlimited storage by the end of June...but I know of someone's mail being bounced because their inbox was "full"...

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Monday, August 13, 2007

UK ISPs might limit BBC streams

Streaming content might take a toll on the current infrastructure...

(I knew we all might need to face this one day.)

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"win a computer"

I got an e-mail...

--- Dell Laptop wrote:
> From: Dell Laptop (
> Subject: You Won a new Laptop computer!
> Date: Mon, 13 Aug 2007 05:50:52 PST

(Notice it said I "WON". I want my computer. I will be looking into to this to see if the legal system can help me...)

"Click Here for your Free Alienware® laptop..."

The link
...took me to...

"Get a Alienware® Laptop FREE...

(HEY! "Jenny" said it was a "Dell"...)

"...with completion of all program requirements."

( we go...)

"Wide-Screen LCD Display...Up to a $1,399.00 value..."

(Uh-huh...probably a model that didn't sell...)


(Hell, no...)

"OnlineGiftRewards Gift Program is not endorsed, sponsored by or affiliated with Alienware® or Alienware Corporation. Such terms are registered trademarks of their respective owners.

"...To receive the gift for this promotion you must: 1) register with valid information; 2) complete the user survey; 3) complete at least 3 Silver, 3 Gold and 9 Platinum offers...Upon valid completion of all Program Requirements we will ship your item to the shipping address you provided.."

(Before I get one) Any lawyers want a crack at this?


Saturday, August 11, 2007

online music services

Spent most of the day with Pandora...

I remember that the quality of the Yahoo Music stream had been, more than once, less than desirable so I didn't bother to try them...

AOL music wasn't simple enough in Firefox and IE: I don't want to allow it to install..ANYTHING!

MSN Music: not enough variety. (I'm VERY eclectic.)

I can't think of any others to try, and I don't feel like searching...but I'm open to suggestion.

Friday, August 10, 2007

"Get dressed, Wil..."

" know it fits."

Photo Hosted at Buzznet

no TV, no problem

I had (free) satellite TV available to me...then I didn't.

I live too far from the city to watch over-air broadcast TV. I can get one station...but had satellite TV. When I do/did watch broadcast stations, I time-shift with a VCR and DVR. My control over my time...that I do what I want when I very important to me.

The satellite service has been out for a week. I've never been a big (TV) watcher. I watch what I like...I have my favorites: news, tech, The Shield, Real Time with Bill Maher...

I love vodcasts: I start the download and walk away, they're there when I want them, they're free, I can rewind and forward through the content.

I wanted to be updated on the news. I couldn't think of any one website I wanted to go to , so I used Google and searched for "watch news".

One site had links to CBS, NBC, ABC, and Fox. I tried them. What I wanted to see (Heroes) was not available. What I attempted to see...CBS News...crashed Firefox. Streaming video from CNN is too jerky...

I have no interest in making an effort of going through YouTube, Google Video, AOL Video, and the like, to find something I want to see.

A few days ago I scanned the AM and FM see if there was anything on I wanted to hear. There wasn't. Later, when I feel like taking the time to seek for something I want to hear, I MIGHT consider listening to some streaming audio.

CNN Radio (which has an option to listen to CNN TV) did not work in Firefox. I'll bookmark it anyway...

For now, I have: terabytes of podcasts/vodcasts and music files, CDs, and DVDs, and can watch streaming video from Netflix.

I'm probably too selective. I'm not like others who will watch TV and a movie...just to watch it. I need to be interested - maybe even entertained - or I will not be pacified by the presentation.

I must have high-speed internet (and the electricity to power it)...I can do more with it, than without it.

Are you really getting the value you want for the dollar you pay?

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

video for mobiles competition

The Treo Mobile Comedy Film Festival entry deadline is September 14th, 2007. Entries will be accepted from the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Entrants must be 18 or over...

...there’s no requirement to use a Treo™ smartphone or another mobile phone to capture video.


Award Categories:

This Mobile Life: You'll be asked to focus on subjects such as mobile romance, mobile manners, or the lighter side of life as a mobile warrior.

Retake: Rewrite the ending to a famous movie. Shoot your own version of a scene from TV. Here's your chance to parody that film, TV show, or commercial.

Animation: Create your very own made-for-mobile comedic animated short on any topic you choose. (No nudity, foul language, or graphic violence.)

Sprint Treo 755p

I had a chance to try the Sprint Power Vision(SM) Smart Device Treo™ 755P by Palm...

It's available in Midnight blue or burgandy.
The dimensions are 4.4" (l) x 2.3" (w) x 0.8".
It weighs 5.6 ounces.
The color touch-screen is a 1.74" x 1.74" TFT display with 65K colors, and 320 x 320 color pixel resolution.
The Camera/Camcorder is 1.3 Megapixels with 2X digital zoom.
Memory consists of 60 MB available for end user storage, of the 128 MB of total RAM.
The MiniSD Expansion Slot supports cards up to 4GB.
It works on Digital Dual-band (1900 mHz and 800 MHz) CDMA, and Sprint's EV-DO.
Continuous digital talk time is reported to be up to 4.2 hours.

Supported File Types
Videos: MP4, 3G2, ASF


A ringer "On/Off" switch is on top if the unit (VERY convenient). It makes it simple to switch from ringing to vibrate modes.

There's a built-in QWERTY keyboard (as a Palm aficionado, this is my first experience with one). The dial-pad is on the touchscreen.

There is a speakerphone mode, but I suggest you don't try to use it unless you are in a quiet environment.

Using the microphone on the earbuds that were provided, I was on a call sitting in a parked car with the windows open. Many times during the call I was asked to repeat myself. (I use a dual-headphone headset...not earphones...with a boom microphone that has always worked best for me.)

Per page 78 of the "user guide": "...your device is compatible with the following types of headsets that are sold separately: Wired headsets with a 2.5mm connector (3-pin or 4-pin). Wireless headsets and car kits enabled with Bluetooth 1.1 or 1.2 wireless technology. For a list of compatible hands-free devices, go to"

A set of earbuds were provided. They looked similar to a set I own. I was going to use mine and not place theirs in my ears but, even though mine match the decription in the "user guide", my earbuds did not work with this phone. I used the set provided with the Treo...

On page 79 of the "user guide": "The headset designed for Treo 180, 270, and 300 devices is not compatible with your Treo755P...Standard headsets sold with other Sprint phones are compatible..."


* Bluetooth (v. 1.2)

(Per Jabra technical support: "The BT620s is compatible with the 755p, you could also use the BT8010 or BT320s.")

There is a compatibility list at


Per, the Plantronics Pulsar 590A Bluetooth Stereo Headphones for Treo 755p should work, but...

I e-mailed Plantronics:
"Are there any (bluetooth) units compatible with the Palm 755p?"

The response from a "Plantronics Technical Support Specialist" was:
"We had to pull the Treo 7xx devices from our compatibility guide because of the connectivity problems we were having with them. We heard Palm is coming out with a software release that may correct these connectivity issues."


"...You can connect Bluetooth mono headsets, but there's no support for Bluetooth stereo music playback..."


When I received the unit, no Multi-Connector/Palm® Desktop HotSync/USB cable (3170WW) was in the box. I have a Palm® Cradle Kit (3199WW) for my TX and LifeDrive...the units never seated securely in the cradle, but the cord fit the 755p great!

Software Applications include the standard Palm OS productivity tools: calendar, contacts, memo, tasks, world clock, calculator, memo pad, and alarm clock.

I LOVE the Voice/Memo Recorder! It records files in the "qcp" format. You can mail the files from the phone, and I was able to send the files, via bluetooth, to a computer. I wanted to send a file via a phone number, like text messaging, but it wasn't possible (it's on my wishlist).

Documents To Go® version 8.0 is included. It offers Microsoft Office compatibility:
you can download, view, and edit Word and Excel compatible files...
rehearse PowerPoint presentations anywhere...
and view PDFs.


If you have an "appropriate service plan", you can use the phone as a wireless modem. If your laptop is Bluetooth® enabled, you should be able to connect the Treo 755P to your laptop via Bluetooth wireless technology...otherwise, you can connect using the included USB cable.

It is possible that when you are using a USB cable, the smartphone will be charging.

If the Data Transfer Mode (DTM) is set in the default position and you are in an active data session, you will be notified of incoming voice calls (rather than having them go automatically to voicemail). the data session is suspended when incoming calls are picked up.

You can send and receive wireless email from multiple corporate and personal email accounts, including Notes/Domino and Novell Groupwise environments (with additional software).

Using Microsoft® Exchange ActiveSync® with Direct Push Technology you can connect directly to your company's Microsoft Exchange Server to get your Outlook® email as it arrives, and update your calendar and contacts. Copies of messages, including attachments you've sent and messages you've deleted, are added to the Sent Items and Deleted Items folders on your company's server...your computer and smartphone will both be in sync. It is possible to accept and decline meeting invitations which are automatically added to your calendar, and updated on the server. You can view the meeting location and attendees on the Treo™ smartphone. The Global address lookup (GAL) of you company directory is accessable. All calendar events time-shift based on the time zones when you are traveling.

Of course, check with your company's system administrator...

You can get wireless email access to POP3 and IMAP accounts like AOL, Gmail, Earthlink and Yahoo! with the included Versamail® application.


The web browser (Blazer v4.5) lets you stream files to play music and video files in formats such as MP3, WMA, and WMV.


Sprint Mobile Broadband with Power Vision provides:
customized, up-to-date web content such as sports, weather, news, money and movie information...
and live TV.


In case location makes the difference, I feel the need to say I live in zipcode 85743...outside of the city limits of Tucson, Arizona. I needed to be patient because, when using the keyboard and stylus, the response to commands "lagged". Maybe it was due to my location...

In the "My Local TV" section, there were some Phoenix stations. "12 News" provided a weathercast, and
It was a little jerky with some glitches/dropouts. Same with the "I-cast". My opinion is that Sprint PowerVision needs much better buffering.

(Verizon's V Cast was better.)




Sprint Radio Premier has local radio stations...I was able to access four in Phoenix. The sound quality is like a low quality mp3 file...due to the complaints I've heard from others, I'm going to assume like XM. I'm not complaining: due to the state of the technology, it should be expected. Be content to be able get the service provided.

Formats available from Sprint Radio included:
todays hits
smooth grooves


SIRIUS MUSIC channels (commercial-free music) -
SIRIUS Hits 1: Todays Top 40 Hits.
The Pulse: Pop and Rock from the 90s to now.
60s Vibrations: The musical revolution of the 60s and early 70s.
Totally 70s: The most popular music from the 70s.
Big 80s: The hit music of the 80s.
Vinyl: Classic rock of the 60s and 70s.
Hair Nation: Glam rock from the 80s.
First Wave: The 80s Alt-rock revolution.
Soul Town: Classic soul hits.
Heart & Soul: The R&B hits from the 80s, 90s, and today.
New Country: Todays hottest country hits.
Prime Country: Country music superstars of yesterday and today.
Jazz Café: Smooth jazz instrumentals and vocals.
SIRIUS Blues: Authentic blues music, from past to present.
Broadways Best: Songs from Broadways most popular shows.
The Beat: Todays biggest dance hits and remixes.
Area33: Trance and progressive house dance music.
SIRIUS INTERVIEWS: Interviews and performances of favorite artists.


PocketTunes is preloaded so you can play music files...

When I had the phone, service from Pandora was planned to come for Sprint Power Vision phones.


With the time I was allowed with the phone, the Sprint Power Vision Network had too much for me to cover in detail. Some of the services available include games, and other web-based products (IM, chat rooms, etcetera).


Sprint PCS Video Mail and Sprint Picture Mail allow you to take, save, publish, and share pictures and videos.


To send a text message was not simple enough...I was not able to find a SIMPLE menued option to send one, then create the message (like other mobile phones): it was easier to create a new "contact", then send a message...

In general, I believe (based on my experience) that a "hybrid" ANYTHING is not as good as a seperate phone and PDA (no different for audio and computer equipment: lose one, possibly lose it all). For example, there is no "pound" (#) key on the keypad: it's on the is the letter and number combination keys.

However, compared to my PPC-6700 phone (Windows Mobile 5), the 755p is a better device.

I own a Palm Tx, and LifeDrive. If you don't, consider getting the Palm Treo 755p (with the Foleo)...

Do I want one? Yes. I do like the keyboard on the phone. (I would use it in addition to, and to compliment, my primary Palm PDA.)

To compliment the 755p, I want the Palm Foleo

Monday, August 6, 2007

Gmail offers 20 MB attachment capability

I've had a lot of trouble lately sending attachments in my e-mail messages...

The free version of Yahoo! Mail offers unlimited storage, and limits attachments to 10 MB.

The free version of AOL/AIM Mail offers unlimited storage, POP and IMAP...and I was able to get a personalized eddress...but not send some attachments.

Gmail offers POP...the ability to send and receive as if you were using your other email service accounts...and you can send and receive messages up to 20 MB in size!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

What you won't hear on our show(s)...

You will not hear us playing your commercial...while at the same time talking over it.

If you are advertising on our show, you WILL hear us play your commercial(s)...something I've noticed other shows NOT doing. Check with the radio stations you have paid to air your commercials. Did they play your commercial? Are you sure that it made it on-air? When it did not air, did they charge you for it as if it did?