Wednesday, June 30, 2010

internet surpasses TV as "most essential medium"

I love the internet.  As a consumer, I get what I want when I want it...and, I can get content which is not provided by other forms of media (radio, television, etcetera).  As a content producer, I need not worry about crossing a boundary set by another.

"..monthly visitation to radio station Web sites (16 percent) among persons 12+ lags visitation to local TV and local newspaper Web sites."  Probably because radio station web sites don't offer much in the way of local content...other than advertisements...

"The Internet passes TV as most essential medium in Americans' lives: For the first time, more Americans say the Internet is 'most essential' to their lives when given a choice along with television, radio, and newspapers; 42 percent chose the Internet as 'most essential'...television still leads among those over the age of 45, Internet dominates among younger persons age 12 to 44."

The Infinite Dial 2010: Digital Platforms and the Future of Radio

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Before you purchase movies on DVDs that offer digital copies...

Especially the "Star Trek 2-Disc Special Edition", know that the digital copy being offered might not be on the disc you are purchasing:  you may need to download it.  If you can...

AFTER I opened the (Star Trek) package and inserted a DVD, I was offered a "Transfer to iTunes" option.  When I chose that, I was required to have an Apple ID.  Which, due to previous purchases from iTunes, I have.

After logging in, (as has happened before) I was unable to proceed past the "Payment Method section"...because I don't have a credit card (and any funds in my PayPal account).  So, I can't get my digital copy from the iTunes store.

iTunes has often dissappointed me.  Whenever I've attempted to download free content, like the "Free Single of the Week", I find that I could not (because I cannot get past the "Payment Methond" section).

At the moment, due to a gift card I had received, I have over $26 of active credit in my iTunes account.

And NOW, I find I can't log into iTunes with my Apple ID...AND my AOL Screen Name.

Buyer beware.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Tire Safety Week

June 6-12


...AAA would like to offer the following “Do’s and Don’ts” of tire care:

Do check for under inflated tires, which are one of the leading causes of tire failure, causing the tire to wear faster and adversely affect a vehicle’s handling. A tire can lose up to 50 percent of its pressure without appearing flat...

Don’t over inflate tires, which have an increased risk of tread separation, and can easily be damaged by things like road debris and potholes.

Do fill to the correct tire pressure, which is listed in the owner’s manual or on the driver’s door, not the tire itself. In addition, pressure should be checked when the tire is cold.

Don’t rely on pressure monitoring systems, which are designed to warn motorists once tires are 25 percent underinflated, which may be too late to prevent damage caused by under-inflation (RMA).

Do check tread depth, which is imperative to the tire providing the vehicle with adequate traction.

Motorists in need of a trusted technician can search AAA’s network of club owned or approved auto repair facilities statewide.

AAA Arizona, the Arizona affiliate of AAA, provides automotive, insurance and auto travel services...

Wireless car mouse for Father's Day?

The e-mail I received began:
"I wanted to introduce you the one luxury car that’s guaranteed not to have a recall this year...the Motormouse."

(And, of course, after receiving that message...there were more recalls. Of motorized vehicles, not computer mice...)

"Inspired by the Porsche 9-11...makes a great gift item and conversation starter for any gadget lover.

"...It is available in red, silver and black..."

The one that was sent to me is the "RedPOM: Red classic sports car wireless mouse"...

A carrying pouch is provided, which has an inner sleeve for spare batteries. The batteries are installed in the trunk, and the USB receiver can also be stored there. There is energy saving technology so when the mouse isn't in use, it will hibernate. When the batteries need to be changed, the headlights flash...

On their webpage it states it has the "worlds’ smallest 2.4 GHz USB receiver": I measured it as 3/4 of an inch (19 mm) long...and once it is inserted into a USB port, 1/2 of an inch (12.5 mm) of the receiver extends from the computer.

Sensitivity settings on one model can be set at 400, 800, or 1600 DPI...but I received the model locked to 1200 DPI (its settings cannot be changed).

The scroll wheel feels GREAT! It's 31/64 of an inch (12 mm) wide, made of rubber...and is very comfortable.

Ahem...Father's Day is June 20.


I use a computer in a small, cramped area...and decided to try the Motormouse to see if, being wireless, it might make my experience more comfortable:  IT DOES!  If you have limited space to use a mouse in, the Motormouse might also be the answer for you...

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Insert it into your car's 12-volt socket, and save gas?...

(DISCLOSURE:  I have not yet had an opportunity to conduct what I would consider reasonable tests to give an opinion on this the moment, I am only publicizing that the device exists.  If I ever get an opportunity to document my experiences, I intend to update this information...)


I received a Fuel Doctor FD-47.  I've seen the commecials on television...I'm sure you have, also.

"FD-47 cleans the power that your vehicle uses to operate. As your vehicle ages, the electrical systems tend to experience more electrical noise or electrical interference. This noise can have many detrimental effects on the various electrical components in the car. By removing or reducing this noise the vehicles electronics can operate more effectively and/or efficiently."

"...regardless of if your vehicle operates on gasoline or diesel fuel the FD-47 works on the vehicles power systems and is independent of the fuel type that the vehicle uses.

"...The FD-47 works on the 12VDC power systems and is independent of the size of the vehicle.

"...Fuel Doctor is confident in its product and offers a 30-day money back guarantee as a pledge to your satisfaction.

"...once the FD-47 is plugged into the 12VDC power outlet that is tied to the electrical system that is responsible for controlling the drive engine of the RV...

"...the FD-47 works on motorcycles...

"Our field and lab tests have shown up to 25% better...

"...optimal effects are seen with cars 24 months and older."

"FD-47 CAN NOT be use on Hybrids or Electrical Vehicles."

Fuel Doctor For Vehicles


Before using the FD-47, they recommend the following procedure to obtain a baseline:

1. Fill the fuel tank...
2. Record the mileage on the odometer...log it as "Mileage A"
3. Drive until the tank is less than half full.
4. At the same filling station, using the same pump as before (because pumps can be differently calibrated), fill the tank ...log how many gallons it takes to fill the tank.
5. Record the mileage as "Mileage B"...
6. Subtract Mileage A from Mileage B (which will give the amount of miles driven)...
7. Divide your answer by the number of gallons it took to fill the tank...this will give the a baseline miles-per-gallon figure.

To begin logging the amount of fuel that might be saved by using the FD-47:
8. Now, plug in the FD-47 (and drive the car until the tank is less than half full)...
9. Fill the tank at the same station using the same pump...log how many gallons it takes to fill up the tank.
5. Record the mileage as "Mileage C"...
6. Subtract Mileage B from Mileage C...
7. Divide your answer by the number of gallons of fuel most recently put in the tank.

If the FD-47 saves fuel, you might notice the difference in miles driven before using the FD-47...and those that were while using the FD-47.


With it being available from Best Buy stores, I assume there must be some credibility to it.  As always, I recommend that you understand what Best Buy's return policy is before you purchase the device from them...