Monday, December 22, 2008

"toys" for adult women

Here's what began this post...


Mac OS vs. Windows is like Pepsi vs Coke or like Sybian vs Magic Wand.

@Michael_Zelbel - I never thought of it that way, before...those comparisons deserve their own blog post

@slick - Let me know when U R done with the Sybian v Magic Wand blogpost ;-)


(OK...he must know I'm crazy enough to do it...)

Anybody wanna on this? Being a dude, I only know what I've read and heard. I assume it's "different strokes for different folks"...if you will.

Although, if you're shopping for a gift for her this holiday season, this could be some helpful information...

Monday, December 15, 2008

Michael Jackson auction

Personal property of Michael Jackson will be auctioned...

The six box set catalogue is in a hard box cover:
a limited edition catalogue box set, signed and numbered by Michael Jackson, will be available for $500 plus shipping and handling...
a set priced at $100 per set, plus shipping and handling, is available..., (310) 836-1818.

Beginning February 15th, 2009, bidders will be able to place proxy bids, and register for the auction...Registration is required to bid in this live auction [can be done in person at the Beverly Hilton, by visiting their Register page before the sale, or by calling (310) 816-1818].

There are four ways to bid in this sale:
* Place bids in the room by attending the auction in person
* Bid over the telephone through an auction house representative, who sits in the room and conveys the bid to the auctioneer
* Enter Absentee bids. Absentee bid forms are printed in the back of each catalogue, and are also available by calling Julien's Auctions or online at
* Proxy and live interactive bidding prior to and during the auction is available online through Auction Network

Julien's Auctions will host a 7 day museum quality exhibition at 9900 Wilshire adjacent to The Beverly Hilton...
Exhibition Schedule:
Tuesday, April 14th – Monday, April 20th
Open to the Public (10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. Daily)

Auction Schedule:
Tuesday, April 21st – Saturday, April 25th
Auctions Begin at 9:00 a.m. Daily
at 9900 Wilshire adjacent to
The Beverly Hilton
in Beverly Hills, California

Auction Inquiries:
Julien's Auctions
P.O. Box 691789
West Hollywood, California 90069

Phone: 310-836-1818 • Fax: 310-827-2125

Friday, December 5, 2008

Live newscast mishap upsets producer

(I've worked for jerks like this in radio, and have prayed they get caught as well...)

News channel producer goes nuts when his audio to another reporter isn't working.

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