Sunday, May 30, 2010

Edmonds and Foster, (2010) May 30

A long time ago...on a radio station far, far away...and now off-air...two friends were hired by another friend to do a friendly radio show...and then they were fired. The end. Except...

Someone created the internet, and then podcasts.

Initially, this began as me testing some software that will allow for the recording from chat software...which I may later post a review of: so far, I've found interaction of the software to be a little "iffy".

When on-air, and off-air, this is how Robert and I interact in our personal lives...and have for decades.

Other than the fact that we were once paid to be on-air together, we have no other reason to believe that anyone might want to hear what we have to say. But now, we make it available for anyone to hear...depending on how bored and lonely you are.

Feel free to fast-forward.


Thursday, May 27, 2010

summer car/vehicle safety information/suggestions

Great information from AAA Arizona...


Breakdown Plan a Must as Summer, 100 Degree Days Begin

Phoenix, Ariz., May 26, 2010

...Without preventive maintenance, the desert heat increases the likelihood of a motorist experiencing a vehicle failure, leaving them unexpectedly – and dangerously – stranded on the side of the road. As a result, AAA would like to remind motorists about the importance of vehicle maintenance, as well as the need to have an emergency roadside plan.


In the event that a vehicle failure does occur, AAA advises motorists to adhere to the following emergency roadside plan:

Turn on four-way flashers and pull completely off the roadway, if possible. On a freeway/highway, use the nearest exit, if possible. If unable to exit, pull the vehicle to the far right side of the roadway, on the right side of the solid, white line. Do not pull into, or stop in the gore area, which divides the roadway from the exit.

If you’re unable to exit the roadway, stay in your vehicle and remain buckled. Call AAA or your emergency roadside provider.

If you feel that you are in danger, let the dispatcher know immediately. Or, if your vehicle is stopped on the travel portion of the roadway, call 911.

Know your location in order to expedite help. Pay attention to the last exit if on a freeway, mile markers or signs, and your direction of travel.

Stay with your vehicle at all times, so long as it is safe to do so.


Another an emergency car care kit. The kit should include water, non-perishable food items, jumper cables, a flashlight, extra batteries, duct tape, safety vest as well as first-aid items. Kits can be assembled at home or purchased pre-assembled...

AAA also advises motorists to always travel with a cell phone and car charger, which will enable them to summon help...


Free program to uninstall software that does not need to be installed!

I received the following from IObit...

I have downloaded, and launched, the does not install into Windows: it is a stand-alone application. ("YEA!..")


date Wed, May 26, 2010 at 9:00 AM

Remove Stubborn Toolbars with New IObit Uninstaller
IObit Newly released IObit Uninstaller 1.1 for easy and deep toolbars removal

Boston, MA (IObit) May 26, 2010 – IObit today announces the release of IObit Uninstaller v1.1...this new version runs much more efficiently. With the unique "1-click toolbars removal" feature, IObit Uninstaller 1.1 can uninstall the targeted software completely, including files, folders and Registry keys.

This unique feature allows computer users to uninstall browsers’ tool bars which are hard to be detected in Control Panel...most of browser tool bars are rogue software that you don’t know when you installed and how to uninstall. The feature, tool bar uninstaller, allows you to deal with hard-to-uninstall toolbar easily. It automatically detects what toolbars you installed on browsers, no matter they are on IE, Firefox or other web browsers. With just one click, you can remove those rogue toolbars completely.

About Advanced Uninstaller: Advanced Uninstaller works on Windows 7/ Vista/ XP/ 2000 (32bit or 64bit), multi-language supported. For more information, please visit the product homepage:

Without Installation
Look for a pure uninstaller that does NOT need an installation and will not screw your system again? IObit Uninstaller is the answer.

Log Manager and Restoration
Easily view what has been changed by IObit Uninstaller. Every time an "Advanced Uninstall" is performed, a restore point image will be automatically set for possible future system restoration.

Free and Easy-to-use
No IT knowledge needed, just download it and simply run it to remove all junk programs.

IObit Uninstaller Product Specs
Current Version: v1.1
File Size: 673 KB
Operating System: Designed for Windows 7, Vista, XP and 2000
Release Date: May 12, 2010
Designed to: Uninstall Software.


AVG Rescue CD and USB

I like having tools available, like bootable CDs and USB drives, because you never know when you might need them...and when they can come in handy to have.



(from the press release)

...AVG’s Rescue used to recover computers that are not able to boot or are infected in a way that will not allow normal operation. AVG is now making the Rescue CD available to all customers (including AVG Free customers). It can be downloaded to any CD or USB stick and then inserted into the damaged computer and used as the recovery disk.

This powerful offering contains all essential tools for users, including:
Comprehensive administration toolset
System recovery from virus and spyware attacks
Suitable for recovering Windows based operating systems
Ability to perform a clean boot from the CD

Upon booting a damaged computer using the AVG Rescue CD, the software will automatically mount all hard drives of the computer and scan them for viruses and malware. The Rescue CD will also automatically restore a safe network connection to the computer. For advanced users, the AVG Rescue CD also includes a Windows Registry editor, a TestDisk utility for recovering deleted files and lost partitions, a file browser for navigating folders, and a Ping tool for basic network diagnostics.

The AVG Rescue CD is a Linux-based boot utility with essential AVG security software already integrated. The AVG Rescue CD can be downloaded for free from AVG’s website at and burned onto any CD or DVD or extracted directly onto a USB flash drive.


I didn't want to burn/waste a CD, so I just tried the USB version...I needed a USB drive that was at least 80 MB.


After putting the AVG Rescue CD on a USB drive, I booted from the USB drive. The AVG Rescue CD GNU/Linux Boot Menu has eight options (which can be seen at the AVG Rescue CD Guide. Two of the eight available options I found interesting are: Memtest86+ and "exit to the Syslinux boot prompt").


When you get to the Main Menu, the options are:

* Scan - for starting an on-demand scan
* Scan Result - for viewing reports of finished scans
* Update - to start update of AVG
* Vault - to view files stored in Vault of AVG installed on the computer
and to restore them...
* Mount - to start mounting of storage devices. Use this option after
inserting a USB device
* Network - to configure the network connection
* USB - to create a bootable USB flash drive containing
AVG Rescue CD.
* Utilities - set of useful tools (see Utilities section below)
* Eject - to eject the CD/DVD-ROM disc tray
* Reboot - to restart the computer
* Shutdown - to turn off the computer
* About - to view information about the AVG Rescue CD

(My information is: AVG Rescue CD Version 100429,
AVG Version 8.5.812)


Here are decriptions of the utilities that are available:

"...Ping...can be used for basic network diagnostic (searching for IP address or computer name), other options are more advanced.

"Midnight Commander is a two panel file browser. It can be used to go through files stored on the hard drives of the computer. Navigation through folders is relatively easy - use arrow keys to move and the ENTER key to select folder. You can switch to the other panel by pressing the TAB key. The most used functions are assigned shortcuts which are listed at the bottom side of the screen (e.g. F5 for copying). To access the top menu, press F9. Note that the MC will display the Linux files system on which the AVG Rescue CD is running. To find the hard drives and USB drives of the computer, move to the folder mnt. There, you will see all drives attached to the computer. The system disk of the PC should be the first one (e.g. sda1)."

{Midnight Commander was a little tricky for me to use...I recommend you have directions available when you try to use it.}

"Windows Registry editor is a powerful tool to access and alter the Windows registries. It is only recommended for advanced users...

"TestDisk allows multiple operations with the hard drives of computer (including recovery of deleted files, lost partitions, MBR record, etc.). As with the registry editor, it should be only used by advanced user as it can destroy all data on the drive. For more information on its use, please see the web page of the vendor of this application:

"PhotoRec can be used to recover (undelete) removed files from the computer but also from connected devices – digital cameras, mp3 players or generally any flash disk memory...For more information on its use, please see the web page of the vendor of this application:

"Links is a text web browser similar to Lynx. It displays only text of visited pages and basic positioning on page. Some pages may not be readable from this reason (pages done mostly with pictures, in Adobe Flash or generally requiring some plugin to be displayed.)"


Friday, May 21, 2010

PeeWee software for ages 3 to 6 years old

PeeWee KIT: Pre-Kindergarten is software for ages 3-6 that is supplied on a USB flash drive. The letter that accompanied the USB drive that was sent to me states there are three versions available, but did not indicate the configurations of the other two...

The software I received is:
Bailey's Book House
("...explore the sounds and meanings of letters, words, rhymes,
and stories...")
Sammy's Science House
("...activities introduce essential ideas like patterns and sorting,
weather and seasons, animal habitats, and classifications in the natural world...")
Thinkin' Things Toony The Loon's Lagoon
("...activities that focus on memory development, logic,
visual and spatial thinking, musical memory, and problem solving...")
Trudy's Time & Place House
("...From telling time to understanding maps to building a sense of
direction, this whimsical time-and place adventure presents challenging concepts...")
Millie’s Math House
("...explore numbers, shapes, sizes, quantities, patterns,
sequencing, addition, and subtraction...")

After obtaining the PeeWee Kit, an address of an internet website will be available from which the security software can be downloaded.


With PeeWee Patrol you can capture: keys pressed, programs used, websites well as have screenshots taken at intervals.

When in Stealth Mode, it will not display it's Graphical User Interface (GUI)...and will remove itself from the Windows Application list. If anyone knew how to try to make the program visible, it will require a password to access the controls (and information).

From the "help" file that was created after PeeWee Patrol was installed...

"...monitor your computer while you are away, retrieve lost information, or monitor your children's activity..."

"This program contains a built in email engine that can email you a copy of the current capture log at scheduled intervals...

"The program includes a scheduler that lets you schedule simple tasks to be completed at a given time or interval. The following tasks can be automated: Start Capture...Stop Capture...Email Capture Log (The current Log will be emailed to you as an text file)...

"Encryption: When selected, the contents of your log files will be encrypted so that they cannot be opened by text editors like Notepad, WordPad, or Micsoft Word.

"Run at Startup: When selected, the program will run automatically each time you start your computer..."


According to the "help" file for PeeWee Privacy:

This software will hide your sensitive files so that they can't be seen or accessed. Files stay hidden even if you turn on 'View Hidden Files'. Even links in your recent documents menu won't be able to find your hidden files!

For extra security, use a password to prevent anyone from accessing your files. You can run this software in stealth mode so that no one knows it's there, and hide or show your sensitive files using hotkeys.

Add as many folders to the program as you want for quick hiding
Hide or Show individual folders or all folders at once
Prevents all file access, even from the command prompt, and even from hackers
Folders are removed from Windows Explorer entirely
Files in folders cannot be accessed, even from shortcuts or recent document lists
Run at Windows startup
Runs in stealth mode and doesn't show up in the Applications tab when you press
Hotkey for bringing the program out of Stealth Mode
Hotkey for hiding all folders
Hotkey for showing all folders
Password protection when program is opened
Password protection when program is brought out of stealth mode
Password protection when hotkeys are used to hide or show all folders


The USB drive that was sent to me did not work with a one-foot (USB) extension cord: the USB drive must be connected directly to the computer.

Based on my past experiences with USB flash drives that contained U3 and Ceedo software, I assumed that when I connected the drive to my computer...I would be able to immediately use the software directly from the drive; the software needed to be installed, and I did not want to install the software to the computer I was using.

I chose a different computer to install it on for testing. I have nothing unusual to report about it...the installation of the software was as normal as any.


I decided to try to install the software from the USB stick, into the USB stick.

The "2 GB" USB memory stick had a total of 1.86 GB of usable space, and 243 MB was being used (by the installation software that was provided is on the drive).

(Using a different computer than the one I installed the software onto) I installed the software onto the USB stick (to "{driveletter}:\Program Files\Riverdeep\"). Now 583 MB of space is being used. As I assumed would happen, icons were installed on the computer by default (because the installation procedures do not give options to not install them).

I disconnected the USB drive from the computer, restarted the computer, and (in Windows Vista) "uninstalled" the programs from Programs and Features.

Using the best computer I have (an Alienware Area 51 M9750), I connected the USB flash drive to the port on the right side of the computer...and the drive was not recognized. I don't have this issue with other USB drives...

I connnected the USB drive to a port on the left side of the computer, and it was mounted. The programs will now run from the USB flash drive (just launch their executable files from within the folders of the installed programs).



I am VERY impressed with PeeWee Patrol and PeeWee my opinion, those two programs are worth the cost of the entire package.


Thursday, May 20, 2010

free virtualization software (until Monday)

(from Paragon Software Group)

"...Virtualization Manager 9.5 Personal! This is the only single solution which provides the complete set of tools to easily manage virtual disks and perform any migration operations to the majority of virtual machines and all in one program.

"The software, normally priced at 29.95$, can be downloaded from Paragon Free portal starting...FRIDAY May,21, 09:00 AM (EST) till MONDAY May,24, 09:00 AM (EST) requires registration."


Monday, May 17, 2010

US Pole Dance Championship 2010

In the 1980s, I worked as a DJ in 7 topless bars...7 days a week, two clubs a day. The money was GREAT! We (the employees) had A LOT of fun...I do miss it. (Yeah...there was "drama", too. It was one of those situations where you take the good with the bad...)

I don't know what happened to the industry, but I noticed dancers quit "dancing"...they pose. And they don't (even pretend to try to) entertain. And they everyone, including the customers...when they don't make the money they feel they're entitled to. Remember you are no different than anyone else in the "entertainment" business: perform your art, and if there is enough of an audience for it, you might be able to earn a living from it. If you are failing at the business of entertainment, maybe you're not doing good business.

I'm ready for pole dancing to be an Olympic sport!...


Sunday, May 16, 2010

Texts From Last Night, book review

Get ready for "the funny"...

I received a copy of the new book "Texts From Last Night: All the Texts No One Remembers Sending" which has entries from the website It was published in January...


"...We started Texts From Last Night for our friends in February 2009. We opened it up to the public in April...

"Our book is the magnum opus of our website. As told through texts, the book has a Relationship Timeline, a Hookup Flowchart and a Choose Your Own Adventure section. We also have categories of texts such as 'Gay Pride', 'The Morning After' and 'Phone Mishaps'.

"We went through every page of our site to find the absolute funniest texts for the book. Then we went through every text ever submitted (at the time was something like 1.1 million of them)..."


In the introduction of the book, we find that the reason...

"...we founded TFLN for reasons that include: Kwame Kilpatrick...old flings...repeatedly closing down bars and leaving old tabs open...

" pressing the send button a little too liberally. Those fuzzy memories used to live on in our inboxes until we ran out of room or we hit 'delete'."


It gets off to a great start...the first text message is interesting and entertaining. All of the entries are good, until the fourth page...where one caused me to laugh out loud.

Here are a few entries that will illustrate how entertained I was:

"the read head has a bf"
"just because there's a goalie doesn't mean u can't score"

"u cheatin on me?"
"if i did i would try to upgrade babe"

"Discussing lingerie with my father. He likes sheer black things. Not the colorful stuff I wear."

"Dude, the girl next to me just farted. Worst part, it smells like astroglide"

"im at a bar and i misjudged a fart...go home or ride the night out?Never mind, the bouncer just made the decision for home soon"

"That's not how I planned it, it's just the way she passed out"

"my mouth tastes like poor choices"

"When I first met her at the bar, she told me she was 23. After I bought her 3 shots of tequila, she told me she was really only 21. When we went back to my house, she said she was really only 19. She's still sleeping next to me butt naked. I'm afraid if she opens her mouth again I could be looking at 10 years."

"Whatever. They have the same name, so it's not even cheating. It's brand loyalty."

"Boobs are like coupons for free stuff"

"But I don't consider them one night stands. They're auditions."

Some of the entries were educational. For example, I've seen "happy trails", but never knew that was the name for them...

Some of the content is for adults , and very graphic...and very funny!

Since it consists of text messages, this book is great for those moments when you have nothing to do and some time to kill: you can begin to read it , and stop, at anytime.

With only 192 pages, this book will fit in a pocket (8.26 x 5.23 inches). And there are eBook formats.


And, there's an (iPhone) app for that.

I've heard that a television show might be next...I'm (still) waiting on a response from Adam Sandler's production company, Happy Madison, to find the status of a situation-comedy they might be producing for FOX Broadcasting.


"Texts From Last Night: All the Texts No One Remembers Sending" is published by the Penguin Group.

There are Facebook, and Twitter, accounts.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

to May 19, free computer utilities software (for Windows)

I received the press release posted below from IObit. I have not had an opportunity to review the product. It appears to be available now (May 15, 3 AM MT/PT)...


Free Giveaway: Advanced SystemCare PRO

Advanced SystemCare PRO will be given away for 72 hours to celebrate its 5th birthday

IObit / May 14, 2009 - From May 17 to May 19, IObit will give away free licenses of Advanced SystemCare PRO, which is normally sold at $29.95...

...Advanced SystemCare Pro provides an always-on, automated, all-in-one PC Healthcare Service with anti-spyware, privacy protection, performance tune-ups, and system cleaning capabilities. It works on Windows 7/ Vista/ XP/ 2000 (32bit or 64bit) and supports multi-languages.

Visit the following page to get the free license of Advanced SystemCare Pro:


Friday, May 14, 2010

new Polaroid 300 instant camera (review)

Public relations agency Weber Shandwick sent a few books to me (see my posts at and, and one of the new Polaroid 300 Instant Cameras to try...

I've used Polaroid cameras since the 1960s, and I'm not ashamed to say it. There are things in life you experience and they leave a very positive impression on you that lasts your lifetime. Old cameras are one of them. They of those neat pieces of technology that feels as good today as it did then.

The Polaroid 300 is available in three colors: black with grey, blue with gray, and red with white (the one I received). Four AA batteries were included, as was a wrist strap (which was a little tricky to attach but, then again, aren't they all?). To power-on the camera, and to open the lens cover (nice), the lens is pulled-out and away from the camera. There are lamps to show if the camera is ready to take a picture, and to give you an idea if the batteries need to be replaced. If the camera is on and not used after about five minutes, it will go into an "energy saving state". There are four lighting settings: "clear" for when outside in bright sunshine, "fine" for when it is fair or there are thin clouds overhead, cloudy, and a setting for when indoors. Plus, there is an automatic flash. The size of the pictures are 2.1 by 3.4 inches (the size of a business card); the image size is 1.8 by 2.4 inches.

After inserting the film package, my first attempt at taking a picture failed because the cover was in place (on the film cartridge) is removed by the camera after the trigger is pressed.

My next/"first" shot was taken outdoors...but, I did not have the lighting/scene setting correct: by default, when the camera is on, the lighting/scene setting is at "indoor"...every time you power-on the camera you will need to check the lighting setting before you take a picture.

The shirt of the subject of the top-left shot is purple, but seems faded. In the middle-right picture, they are staggered at about 10, and the other 20, feet away: the picture is out of focus, and has no clarity. The closer your subjects are to the camera, the better the shot will be. (The two bottom pictures were taken indoors with no lights on: just the flash was used.)

The two below were taken in a hallway, first with no light, and then with the light that was available (very low and poor).

I tried to remember the best uses I had heard of for instant cameras and all I could remember were that some people kept them in vehicles to document collisions and the like. But: "...instant cameras were found to be useful for other purposes such as ID cards, passport photos, ultrasound photos, and other uses which required an instant photo. They were also used by police officers and fire investigators because of their ability to create an unalterable instant photo..."

So, I took one of a car (see above) as if I were attempting to document some damage.

I do miss the old large format/size of the pictures...the "40 Series" was 3.25 by 4.25 inches (83 by 108 mm). Photographs of that type of the generation before mine exist in the possession of members of my family.

I hope Polaroid considers creating a hybrid camera: one that could produce instant prints...AND take digital shots. (And, if they do, I hope I get some cameras and film for suggesting this idea...)

Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Power of the Invisible Sun, book

(This is the second of three posts regarding a package I received from a public relations agency that contained promotional material for projects they represent.)

"The Power of the Invisible Sun " is a book by Bobby Sager that contains...


Private Views, book reveiw

(This is the first post of three regarding a package I received from a public relations agency that contained promotional material for projects they represent.)

The name of the book is "Private Views"...

The first thing I noticed about the book is how regal it appears due to the binding and texture of the feels as if a fine nettish material has been embedded on to, and into, it. It's a great looking "coffeetable" book.

Halfway through the book, the first picture that caused me to pause and contemplate it, is one of a man using his forearm crutches. He is framed from his chest to his knees. I immediately began to wonder about the subject:
who is he?
why is he using crutches?
was it due to an accident?
does he have some disease?
how old is he?

After enjoying the aforementioned picture, I slowed my browsing. The next one I paused for is of two people...being show from their chest to their waists...warmly and affectionately holding each other around their waists. (It caused me to be reminded of how I would embrace my ex-wife. It's a good memory, and something I greatly enjoyed doing...which is why I was stopped in my browsing of the book by this picture.)

There are some shots that contain the faces of the subjects, but it is clear that the focus is on the body language of those in the pictures.


Power 1490 Reunion May 22nd 2010!


Friday, May 7, 2010

Total Rock, Total Rewards Rock Band Competition

Until June 13th, venues will host Rock Band Bar Nights. Some of the locations are in: San Diego (CA), San Jose (CA), Los Angeles (CA), Denver (CO), Washington (DC), Miami (FL), Buford (GA), Chicago (IL), Joliet (IL), Boston (MA), Atlantic City (NJ), Stateline (NV), Las Vegas (NV), New York (NY), Columbus (OH), Windsor (ON), Erie (PA), Dallas (TX), and Seattle (WA). Top scoring bands (from each bar night) will get a chance to enter and compete in the 2010 Total Rock, Total Rewards Rock Band Competition on July 1 and 2 at Bally’s Atlantic City hotel and casino. There, the winning band will receive $10,000 and meet Ringo Starr.

If you need a band member, there's a place on the "Rock Band Total Rock - Total Rewards" website where you might be able to locate one.

(For those who can’t get out to a qualifying location...)

There is a sweepstakes you can enter for you and up to three others to ride a private XOJet round trip to Atlantic City, and have two rooms from June 30 to July 4. And, you and your band will have the option of competing in the Total Rock Total Rewards Rock Band Big Event...and also win tickets to the Ringo Starr and His All Starr Band concert at Caesars Atlantic City on July 3. You can enter every day, once a day, until the giveaway ends...

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

StoryCorps » Animation

In early 2006, 12-year-old Joshua Littman, who has Asperger’s syndrome, interviewed his mother, Sarah, at StoryCorps. Their one-of-a-kind conversation covered everything from cockroaches to Sarah’s feelings about Joshua as a son.

StoryCorps » Animation

Saturday, May 1, 2010

9 to 5: Days in Porn, review

I received a "screener" before the DVD will be available to the public.

From their website:
"...It’s a documentary that gives you an inside look into the world of porn by portraying the lives of 10 people from the industry that we spent over a year getting to know."

It was completed in July 2008 so, based on some time frames given throughout the documentary, I assume the filming began around January of 2007. (Keep that in mind as you read about the "newcomer" below...)

Most of the adult businesses are based in California in the San Fernando Valley...also known as "Porn Valley". Since the 1970s it has become the place from which most of the product available in the United States of America has roots. The documentary covers: the companies that produce pornography, the distributors of the product, the producers, the agents, the actors, and the directors.

A husband and wife who are both actors are followed, as well as some who are new to the business and those who have been around since the '70s.

I was very interested in what veterans of the industry had to say...their experiences, suggestions, that I can compare that with those who are currently in the business.

Sharon Mitchell was an adult actress for over twenty-five years, appeared in over two thousand movies, and performed as a dancer. After being attacked by a fan she became a Clinical Sexologist, obtained a doctorate in Human Sexuality, and is a certified counselor (specializing in STDs and Chemical Dependency). She also operates AIM Healthcare, a non-profit organization in Encino (California) that tests for STDs and provides counseling services for issues that are related to substance abuse.

Mitchell makes a point that those who participate in pornography are the misfits and renegades of society. (I agree. And believe that those who enjoy it probably can also wear those labels...)

Another veteran, Nina Hartley, gives her opinions about the business. And "newcomers" have their own opinions...

In this, Sasha Grey is "The Rookie": she began her career in 2006, and this documentary is being made before she became very popular and well known.

Her first agent, Mark Spiegler, is shown as he goes through his day of managing his talent; her at-the-time fiance...Ian Cinnamon also expresses his thoughts and feelings.

Not surprising is that sisters have worked in the industry together, such as Mia and Ava Rose. To me they clearly love eachother, and Mia gains strength and feels comfortable having Ava around (when she'll understand this comment when you see the scene I'm referring to).

I assume we all expect those who are related to this type of business will be discriminated against. But for someone to have their World of Warcraft account terminated shocked me! It appears to me that Blizzard/WoW was being nit-picky...after learning of her existance in their universe. (Porn stars need guilds, too...)

There's some conversation about the types of expectations that those who are inexeperienced in sexual activities (virgins, et alia) will have based on what they see in some productions. Will they consider what is seen as behavior(s) expected of them, and is considerd the norm? That's a good question.

Three major reasons are given that women work (as actresses) in the industry. As I remember, the reasons were given by Mitchell. I wish all participants in the documentary had been asked why they chose adult entertainment as a career...

There was mention of what actresses aren't warned about before they begin performing, and how some performers can be used and abused: used by agents, producers, etcetera. I wanted to know more about what had happened, and how they were swindled or taken advantage of. I'm sure others who might enter this field need to know this information, as well.

Working hard and planning financially for the future was mentioned, but not examined. Some idea is given about the amount of money that can be earned. But what I didn't learn about, that I'm very interested in, are those who properly managed their business for lifelong financial success:
How much did they make?
How often did they make certain amounts?
What did they do with the money after it had been received?
Who successfully provided for the future, and how did they do it?

If you've wondered what it's like to work in adult entertainment, or have thought about being in the business, this DVD is for you! There are very graphic scenarios, and they need to...and included: the reality needs to be shown with no softening of the view.

Between segments music is played as if it's being broadcast on a radio station. KQDJ is the call sign that was given, but I believe it's fictional because I cannot find any information about it ever existing at the frequency that was announced.

As of the time of this posting, I did not find any information on their website about the music that was used, and where I can get more information on it. Maybe it will later be available...

The runtime is over 90 minutes.

For bonus clips, go to