Wednesday, July 22, 2009

NAACP endorses bankrupting black radio

The resolution also attacked a few rich African-American millionaires for exploiting African-American musicians...

Radio Business Report/Television Business Report - Voice of the Broadcasting Industry

The New Breed of Record Labels: Helping Bands Help Themselves

The New Breed of Record Labels: Helping Bands Help Themselves

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Turn on radio for new tunes? Young listeners say iWon’t - The Boston Globe

"..If you give people in their teens and 20s a reason to listen, I think they will still tune in..."

...the sense of community once fostered by stations...has been diluted...

Turn on radio for new tunes? Young listeners say iWon’t - The Boston Globe

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Saturday, July 18, 2009

The NSA wiretapping story nobody wanted

"Hear no evil...see no evil..."

The NSA wiretapping story nobody wanted

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Sunday, July 12, 2009

racial study

I am an adjunct, Assistant Professor in the Division of Psychological
and Educational Services at Fordham University and I am conducting a research study on interracial couples. The research packet contains
two relatively brief questionnaires and a personal data sheet.
Responding to these questionnaires will require approximately 20-25

If you are or have been in interracial relationship (i.e., dating,
living together, married, in a civil union, separated, or divorced)
and you and/or your partner would be interested in participating in
the study, please click on the following link –

If you know anyone who would like to participate in this study, please
forward this message.

Thank you in advance,

Lisa Orbé-Austin, Ph.D.
Adjunct, Assistant Professor
Fordham University


Monday, July 6, 2009

How Teens Use Media

I was able to glance over the "June 2009, How Teens Use Media" report from Nielsen...


Media Consumption of a Typical U.S. Teenager as measured by Nielsen
"...there is no 'typical' teen-age consumer, just as really there is no typical consumer overall..."


Myth: Teens use media—10 screens at a time
Reality: Teens are more likely than adults to use their media one at a time


Myth: Teens are abandoning TV for new media
Reality: ...They’re watching more TV than ever
"In the U.S., there’s been a slight shift in teen TV viewing from broadcast to ad-supported cable..."
3 hours,  20 minutes per day
"The most popular genres for U.S. teens are Evening Animation, Participation/Variety and General Drama. Family Guy and American Dad drive the animation category...American Idol...the top U.S. program among teens in 2008—as it was for everyone else..."

Myth: Avid commercial skippers, teens favor the DVR
Reality: Teens prefer their TV live


PC use
52 minutes daily (including applications)

Myth: Teens use the Internet in wildly different ways than adults
Reality: Teens flock to many of the same categories and sites as adults

Myth: Teens are the most avid users of the Internet
Reality: Teens browse less than half as much as the typical user

Internet, 23 minutes

Myth: Teens are driving the growth of online video
Reality: They watch less online video than their elders
Online video...If they watched, watched 6 minutes per day


Myth: Teens are the biggest gamers of all
Reality: Teens account for just 23% of the console audience and less than 10% of PC game minutes

The most anticipated video game among gamers 13–17 since 2005 has been Halo 3...Grand Theft Auto IV tied Guitar Hero: Aerosmith for the second most anticipated video game. Mario Party 7 (33%) and Guitar Hero: World Tour (32%) round out the list of the fve most anticipated games...

Console Gaming, 25 minutes daily

Reality: More than a quarter of U.S. teens say they read a daily newspaper and more than a third say they read on Sunday
"...older teens 18–20 measured by Scarborough Research were less likely to read a daily paper than average, but still more than a quarter (29%) of U.S. persons 18–20 say they read a daily newspaper on an average day. About a third, 34%, say they read a paper on an average Sunday.

(Which brings me to the section where I rant) IF YOU GIVE THEM A REASON TO READ IT, MAYBE THEY WILL!!!  No different than TV, radio, vodcasts/podcasts:  give them, your audience, a reason to be interested in your content!  Show an interest in them, and their interests...

Newspaper, 1 in 4 read

I remember the joy of perusing and reading the newpaper with my great-grandparents.  I intentionally would not pay for cable television to force my children to look at the newpaper I would bring home.


Reality: Radio is the top source of music consumption for 16% of teens globally and the secondary source for another 21%.

"In the U.S., a 2008 study by Scarborough Research showed that 'Pop Contemporary Hit Radio' was the most popular format among older teens 18–20 (listened to by 40% of this segment), followed by Rhythmic Contemporary and Country..."

Reality: Advertisers are more likely to target teens with messages about health and beauty

Myth: U.S. teens are the world’s couch potatoes
Reality: Far from true…South Africans and Indonesians take the prize

Myth: The only way to reach teens over their phone is texting
Reality: Teens text at incredible rates, but are EARLY ADOPTERS OF ALL MOBILE MEDIA

Myth: The silver screen is too old-fashioned and expensive for today’s teens
Reality: Teens go to the movies more than any other age group


It seems that this demographic is no different than any other:  if you want them, you will need to put in the effort and "fight for them".

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Sunday, July 5, 2009

newspapers survive and thrive?

The Chris Matthews Show

How can the American newspaper industry evolve to ensure its survival?
What are some promising new sources of investigative journalism?

You can watch the full episode on the website:

Thursday, July 2, 2009

educational podcasting survey

I don't think the sender would mind that I put this in my should be posted in the Google Groups "Podcamp AZ" group.


Date: Tue, Jun 30, 2009 at 10:02 AM
Subject: [ PodCamp AZ ] Podcasting Research Study

I am a doctoral researcher, conducting a study on the use of
podcasting in education. I would like to request your participation
in a study to assess the instructional design practices being used in
the development of podcasts and their use in instruction. To that end,
I would like to ask you to spend approximately 10-15 minutes to share
your experiences developing podcasts and/or teaching with them by
filling out the survey at the following link:

...The study closes on Monday, July 13, 2009.