Tuesday, November 2, 2010

How to syndicate a radio show, "Coast to Coast" (book review)

I've always been a super-supporter of radio stations broadcasting local content.  Not that I'm against (some) national programs.  For me, there has always been more opportunity for creativity when there is feedback from a nearby audience...as I write this I'm reminded of how when on stage an audience can enhance the performance, rather than when being on camera in a studio (with no audience) and having the show broadcast to affiliates.

That said, after years of preparing and targeting my shows to a specific geographic audience...because of the very sad state of lack of management in broadcasting who have love for the medium...I have become agreeable to consider having my performances syndicated.  (Because of the lack of vision in the industry, I have come to appreciate the openess of the internet.  And I enjoy that I am responsible for what I choose to do, and choose to not do.)

Should you be interested in creating a program for broadcast radio stations, read "Coast to Coast:  The Radio DJ's Syndication How-To Guide" written by Randy ("R Dub") Williams.



Chapter 1 - My Story
"Buh-Bye now" - The Day I Got Fired
Radio Geek
The Dazzling Desert
It's a Hard Knock Life
Home Again Home Again Jiggety-Jig
Syndication: Who Me?

Chapter Two - Truth Hurts: What Syndicators Really Want From You
The Low Down

Chapter Three - Getting There: The Road to Syndication
Step One - The Show
Step Two - Launching The Show Locally
Step Three - Crafting The Show
Step Four - First Measurement
Step Five - Prepping For Syndication
Step Six - Your First Station
Step Seven - Analyzing Your First Affiliate
Step Eight - Growing Your Show
Step Nine - The Deal: Getting Signed

Chapter 4 - You've Got a Syndication Deal, Now What?
The Customer Is Always Right
More Stations!
Investing In Your Show
Moving Forward & Growing Your Brand
Good Luck and Goodnight

Chapter 5 - But Don't Take My Word For It:  Words of Wisdom from The Pros
The Talkers
The DJs and Mixers
Imaging and Special Features
The Syndicators

Special Section: R Dub's Toolbox
The Studio - What You Need, Where to Get It, and How Much Does it Cost?
R Dub!'s Lil' Black Book - Crucial Contacts

He is not going to have all of the answers for you, and he doesn't claim to.  What his book does is give you the framework around what you need take into consideration, preferably before you begin attempting to syndicate a program on radio stations.

I am very proud to say that I contributed to his success...even if it was for him to learn from my mistakes.