Thursday, December 20, 2012

GameCom Commander Gaming Headset

Hurry, hurry...before they're all gone...

The Plantronics GameCom Commander Limited Edition Tournament Gaming Headset (try saying it three times fast, and with one breath) is the best gaming headset I've used.  And, most "versatile"...

The first thing I noticed was the "travel case".  It's reminds me of that heavy-duty, rip-stop, foul-weather, military-like, shell-formed nylon.  Attached is a thick carabiner that has a key-lock nose and a screw-lock sleeve.

"...closed-ear design...noise isolation...the GameCom Commander shuts out distractions..."

And with 40mm drivers, I noticed that the audio was of high-quality.  I would consider using them in a studio environment.

"...noise-canceling, ruggedized microphone..."

It's designed for understandable communication, while trying to keep out noise from the surrounding environment.  Which are the types of areas I find myself in constantly.

"Super-durable, lightweight components keep you comfortable for the long-haul..."

I was never distracted by the headset...when I was wearing them, I never considered that I was.

There is a QuickDisconnect adapter on the headset that allows for changing connectors for a computer, or a smartphone or tablet.  The two 3.5mm plugs (one for the headphones and the other for the microphone) on one adapter also have an inline volume and mute control.  The adapter for phones and tablets is a 4-conductor (TRRS) connector.

A USB sound card for 7.1 surround audio is also included.

If you want to get a great gift for your gamer, this is it.


Sunday, December 16, 2012

A sling for your tech

I like to be able to carry stuff on gadgets and tools, and have a collection of bags and pouches to do so.

A TechSling was sent for me to try.  It's a holster for iPads, phones, and "stuff".

The pockets are 10.75 by 6.5 inches.
The left pocket is for an iPad (9.5 by 7.31 inches).
{I found the case for my 5 by 8 inch notepad fits into it very well.}
The right side has a pocket at the top for a phone.  Under it is a zippered compartment with two loops inside for pens.

"All TechSling syles are constructed with a versatile, lightweight Nylon/Polyester, Mini-Diamond Ripstop fabric and finished with a polyurethane and water repellent coating...400 X 300 Denier nylon fabric is specially constructed to prevent rips and tears and is a popular choice for luggage, bags, medical aprons and custom cases."  It can be cleaned in a washing machine...after, just hang to dry.

The "Diamond Ripstop" version is available in:
Light Gray (Regular, Neon Orange, or Neon Yellow Interior)
Blue (Regular, Neon Orange, or Neon Yellow Interior)
Black (Regular, Neon Orange, or Neon Yellow Interior).

A tougher version is available, made from medium-weight 600 Denier Polyester that's similar to some luggage and duffel bags:  the Magnatuff is only available in Navy and Black, though.  There's also a fire-retardant option, the Magnatuff FR, and custom coloring and embroidery options.


Friday, December 14, 2012

Wrong...again...and again...

Again I say to my brethren in broadcasting:  it's more important to be factual...than first.

As I watched news reports on television, I cringed as speculation was made and theories were discussed (to my disgust).  And what I perceive to be pure weakness and laziness was delivered in news scripts...

On MSNBC, during a top of hour summary...following them broadcasting Jay Carney, the White House Press Secretary addressing reporters...the script referred to a statement from "a White House official".  Minutes before, that official was Carney!  It was as if the writer either had immediately forgotten who Carney is, or had pre-written the script ahead of time and didn't identify Carney before handing the script to the anchor...thereby, in my view, making the anchor sound like a simpleton.

I have no intention on picking on MSNBC.  I noticed mistakes from various news organizations.


{CNN reported...}

[Updated at 2:11 p.m. ET] CNN's Susan Candiotti has just reported that a law enforcement official tells her the suspect is named Ryan Lanza and he is in his 20s.

[Updated at 3:09 p.m. ET] The suspect's mother was shot and killed at the school, according to source close to the investigation. She was a teacher there.

And we now know that Ryan Lanza, the suspected gunman, was 24.


[Updated at 6:43 p.m. ET] CNN’s Susan Candiotti is talking to investigators at the scene as they piece together exactly what happened and when. She says she’s learned that the mother of the suspected shooter, Nancy Lanza, was found dead in the suspect’s home in Newtown.

“Earlier we had information that she was found in the classroom. However, now I’m being told that in fact her body was found at the suspect's residence," Candiotti said. "We don't know whether she also lived there. We also don't know the timeline – when was she killed? Was she killed before the shooting began at the school? These are the things that authorities are still trying to piece together.”

{Maybe that's the fault of the "law enforcement official".  Now, I want to know who that "official" was that gave the incorrect information.  Later...}

[Updated at 6:44 p.m. ET] Three U.S. law enforcement officials, from different agencies, separately tonight identified the suspected shooter as Adam Lanza, contrary to what investigators had said previously. It is not clear what caused the confusion among investigators.

His older brother, Ryan, was taken into custody for general questioning from a home in Hoboken, New Jersey. Officials did not label Ryan Lanza as a suspect. It is unclear when he may be released.

One of the officials say Adam’s father was also taken in for similar questioning. There is no indication that the father will be charged. The official noted the father has remarried and lives with his new wife in a residence in the general area of Connecticut not too far from where his ex-wife lived.

{Again, I want to know who the investigators were that were wrong.  Because I expect they may make other mistakes.  Other news agencies has reported that the father had been killed.}

(6:44 p.m. ET update – (Three U.S. law enforcement officials say the suspected gunman was Adam Lanza, not his brother Ryan Lanza as officials had previously said. It is not clear what caused the confusion among investigators. Ryan Lanza was picked up from a home in Hoboken, New Jersey, on Friday and has been questioned but has not been labeled as a suspect, officials now say. Also, CNN’s Susan Candiotti is talking to investigators and has now learned that the mother of the suspected shooter was found dead in the suspect’s home in Newtown)

{So the mother was killed in a home, and not the school...}

After a while, I quit following the story.  Too many news agencies had too much information wrong...


Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The "knife" that should be in EVERYONE'S pocket

Looking for a neat gift to give?  I suggest a type of knife that almost everyone needs...

See...they were within reach, and my abdomen was growling with hunger.  Cans of tuna.  Ready to be opened and eaten.  But...not a working can opener to be found.  I have two P-38s but, as I have been couch-surfing for many years, couldn't find them in my belongings.  In desperation, I thought I might be able to use my pocketknife to open the can...and found I can do so:  and I had forgotten it's not just "any old pocketknife"!

After doing some research, I've found that the model I own was probably the "Soldier Knife model 1961" that has a blade, a combined bottle-opener/screwdriver/wire-stripper (I never knew about the wire-stripper), a combined can-opener and small screwdriver, and a reamer.

It seems that the new product descriptions for this model are:

the Pioneer (Item Number:  53960, and

and the Standard Issue (Item No:  16520,

I must tell you about the Giant Knife (Item No:  16999) that has 87 Implements, and 141 Functions.

Dear Swiss Army people,

I want one just so I can record videos of me using every tool on in it.




Monday, December 3, 2012

The Daily is dead. Good...


"The Daily launched in February 2011 with the mission to provide the best news experience by combining world-class storytelling with the unique interactive capabilities of the iPad."

I never had a chance to read it...because it was a publication initially only available on an iPad.  Strike one.  I've recently learned it's available on other devices.  Well...too late now.

After learning it will stop publication, I found it was not free.  Strike two.  Not just for needing to be paid for...I understand and support things that are not free.  Though having regularly not had much "disposable income", my preferences to paying for services have been greatly towards things that I find worth the value of what I pay.  I was never aware of an opportunity to see the content without needing to pay for it.  I'm not paying for content that I have no idea I might be interested in and/or enjoy.

"Try it for free without any commitment."

Oh.  Well...too late now.  The people at The Daily, should have promoted it much better and often.

(As a member of media, I am offered free subscriptions to some periodicals...and I greatly appreciate it.  Professionally, because they supply me with information I need to support my position.  Personally, I'm a self-described "readaholic".  I try to show my gratitude for these subscriptions by promoting articles and information, and the publication, when possible.)


On their blog:

It is with heavy hearts that we share the news that we will be ceasing publication of The Daily on December 15th. 

...we would love to hear your thoughts about The Daily...Send your thoughts to


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Review: Google Docs "offline" feature

You can "Edit Google documents offline...when you don’t have an Internet connection."

But...what you need to be aware of...and what I had to experience to that this can only be done (when using the Microsoft Windows disk operating system) in the Google Chrome browser.  I use a lot of different browsers, and was unable to have this feature available with them.

"...Any changes you've made while disconnected will sync with the online version in your Documents List when you regain your connection to the Internet.

"Offline editing is only available for Google documents. It’s not available yet for Google spreadsheets or presentations.

"If you lose your connection to the Internet while editing a Google document, you'll be informed at the top of the page that your network connection has been lost. Your edits will continue to be saved offline, so you can keep typing.

Note that:  "...offline editing allows a document to be open in only a single tab at a time.

When offline, in the Google Chrome browser, go to "" and what is available will appear.

This is great!

I am now considering moving all, or most, of my information from Evernote to Google Docs because of this free offline feature.  I love Evernote, and have always been thankful for it.  But, I've not been happy with the offline options available for free accounts.  Until recently, I believed I was unable to have a note available on my (Samsung Galaxy Player) Android device while offline.  Evernote states:

"...When this user syncs their device, enough data to allow for this note to be found via search (title, text in the body...and other metadata) is downloaded to their device, but not the whole note. When this user selects the note in question from a list of notes, the rest of the note will be downloaded."

With Google Drive installed on my Android device, I am able to make files available offline.  I find this very, very useful.


I am very interested in apps that allow for synchronization, accessing, and modifying of data offline.  I continue to appreciate, and use, Palm personal digital assistants (PDAs).  And will probably replace them with Android and Google Chrome OS devices...when I am able to get all of my data ported to them from the Palm Desktop.


Friday, November 16, 2012

Personality radio...where the hell is it?

Here are some items from an article titled "Hot-Rocking, Flame-Throwing Memories".  The article covers radio programming based in personality.  A lot of the points of this article have been lost to radio station ownership and management.  These are things I learned from working (hard) "in the trenches"...


“You never had time to look back or to debate very long on decisions...You had to just go on your ‘gut’ because it was fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants programming.”

“People in modern-day radio over-think programming...”

"...I have never heard a boring air-check of ‘Z100′ in the 1980s.  It was always exciting, compelling, and on the edge.  The whole station lived on the edge.  You never knew when we were going to say something crazy or do something stupid.”

"...we were all on a team.”

“Frankly, many companies don’t want personalities who rise above the others because of budgets...there really doesn’t seem to be much training going on in the business.  There certainly is not as much as there was before.”

" is still about passion and excitement...Compelling content is more important than ever because everyone now has the same tools...too many stations sound alike.  Stations have the same information and research.  Many stations around the country even have the same personalities...”

"...teach people to have a flame burning in their soul and to have a passion for what they do..."

“I don’t recognize radio people as personalities hardly at all today.  You are lucky if you are able to say just your name – it is amazing.  In most cases, they have no personality.  It is another flip-card situation.  You can hear how restricted they are.  No one is allowing personality radio.  There is no reason for you to listen to radio unless you can find a personality but there are not many of them...”

“It is not what you say – it is how you say it.  You can choose to do, ‘That was/here is’ – or – you can get something done by saying where the artist is from, or some unique situation about the song.  It is called being knowledgeable.  That is a contribution that makes people want to listen.  Unfortunately though, there is no money for talent in radio anymore.  It is something I would not want to do because of what they pay.  It is ridiculous and so sad.”

"...I am not going to get up to check out a CHR morning show...I don’t hear much other than a syndicated Ryan Seacrest...he is basically doing show business stuff and gossip.  There is nothing about that to make me think, ‘Oh my God, that is a fantastic bit – I have to listen tomorrow’...I have not heard much from the others I have listened to, but then again, I do not expect much.”


Monday, October 29, 2012

information for emergencies, power outages, hurricanes, and food and water safety

I came upon a lot of good information and links relating to safety during emergencies...

Floods, Hurricanes & Power Outages: Keeping Food and Water Safe

Keeping Food Safe During an Emergency

Food Safety Is Crucial As Hurricane Sandy Approaches the East Coast:  Keeping food safe and accessible should be a part of families' storm preparation tactics

Refrigerated Food and Power Outages

Frozen Food and Power Outages

Water Treatment Methods


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

And now, the latest version of Microsoft Office can be previewed…

Microsoft has made available preview editions of the upcoming version of Office...

In a "Customer Preview Fact Sheet":
...customer preview of the new Office — formerly code-named “Office 15”...
…is available as the traditional suite of client applications and as an always up-to-date subscription service called Office 365 Home Premium...
Office Professional Plus 2013 Preview
This traditional client software suite...will be available as a traditional single installation on one machine.
Office 365 Home Premium
This cloud-based subscription service...
Notice the word "client" was used when describing Office Professional Plus 2013 Preview...and "cloud-base subscription service" is used in the description of Office 365 Home Premium.

When I installed Office 365 Home Premium, I did not notice an obvious difference that made me aware that it was not a "client" version (and that it is a "cloud-based subscription service").

I mention this because if you, like me, desire to have the software installed as a client...and presumably all of its features available when offline, and not connected to the internet...this may be as important to you as I believe it will be to me.

Preliminary system requirements for the Preview include the following:
Computer and processor: 1 Ghz or greater x86/x64 Processor with SSE2 instruction set
Memory: 1 GB RAM (32 Bit) / 2 GB RAM (64 Bit)
Hard disk: 3.5 GB free disk space
Operating System: Windows 7 or newer, either 32-bit or 64-bit; Windows 2008R2 or newer with .Net 3.5 or greater. It isn’t possible to install on a PC running Windows XP or Vista. To use with Windows 8 you must be running the Release Preview version or higher...
Graphics: Graphics hardware acceleration requires DirectX10 graphics card and 1024 x 576 resolution

What’s described as "Office 365 ProPlus Preview" (which I assume could be another way of describing "Office Professional Plus 2013 Preview") will allow computers to "" this version of Office alongside earlier versions..."


Friday, July 6, 2012

No internet for some July 9

July 9, if you have trouble with the internet...don't be surprised...

Lots of computers, "servers", that help to make the internet work were infected.

"The clean DNS servers will be turned off on July 9, 2012, and computers still impacted by DNSChanger may lose Internet connectivity at that time."

From as many computers as you can:

Go to the "DNS Changer Check-Up" website at .  If the computer is infected with DNS changer malware, you might see a red background...

Next, consider going to and read the section "Manually Checking if your DNS server have been Changed".

Facebook and Google are trying to help with this problem.  You can read more about it at these webpages:

To try to help you not become infected in the future, take a look at

It's best to use the latest and greatest operating systems (Windows, Mac, Linux, etcetera), and keep all of your software (and hardware) updated.  But you also need to be careful when using technology, and the internet and other services you connect to.


Sunday, May 27, 2012

Call For Help Documentary - "Until the Last Call"


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The "O" Awards

Send any products eligible for nominations my way so I can review them (


The “O” Awards honor outstanding achievements in the pleasure products industry, including:  design, innovation, marketing, distribution and retailing...

To be considered for an “O” Award, products must be released between June 1, 2011, and July 15, 2012.

The "O" Awards will be held September 11th during the AVN Novelty Expo in Las Vegas...ANE will be held from September 10th through the 12th, at the Rio Hotel and Casino.

ANE features the most innovative pleasure products from around the world...the following are the categories for the 2012 “O’ Awards:

Outstanding Product for Women: Any vibrator, dildo or other product designed specifically for women.

Outstanding Product for Men: Any cock ring, sleeve or other product designed specifically for men.

Outstanding Luxury Product: Any high-end product designed for men, women or couples.

Outstanding Dietary Supplement: Any pill, drink or other substance ingested for an increase in performance or pleasure.

Outstanding Enhancement Product: Any spray or cream applied externally for an increase in performance or pleasure.

Outstanding Innovation: Any product that provides a technological improvement to the pleasure products field.

Outstanding Lubricant: Any specific lubricating product.

Outstanding Body or Skin Care Line: Any line of products designed to cleanse, scent or pamper the skin.

Outstanding Non-Powered Product: Any product that requires no external power source.

Outstanding Powered Product: Any product that uses batteries or electrical current.

Outstanding Lingerie Collection: Any assortment of themed undergarments.

Outstanding Accessory Product or Line: Any product or line of products used for body adornment.

Outstanding Marketing Campaign: Any campaign specific to a company, line or product.

Outstanding Packaging: Packaging for any specific product or line of products.

Outstanding Debut Product: Any product that was launched between June 1, 2011, and July 15, 2012.

Lifetime Achievement: Awarded to an individual who has made significant contributions to the pleasure products industry.

To pre-nominate a product or line of products for any of the categories, email with the category name in which the product is being nominated, the name of the product, the manufacturer of the product, and your name and email address for contact purposes if needed.

Internext, January 13-15, 2013
AVN Novelty Expo, January 16-18, 2013
AEE, January, January 16-19, 2013
AEE Fan Fest, January 17-19, 2013
AVN Awards, January 19, 2013, at the "The Joint"


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Too drunk to drive during Cinco de Mayo?...

[from a press release I received in one of my e-mail accounts]

...AAA will provide its first-ever Cinco de Mayo Tipsy Tow. Service will start 6 p.m. Saturday, May 5 and will run through 6 a.m. Sunday, May 6.

AAA urges party-goers to take the following steps to stay safe this Cinco de Mayo:

Designate a sober driver if you plan on drinking.

Don’t let your amigos drive impaired.

If you’re hosting a fiesta, serve food and alcohol-free drinks and ensure your guests have a safe way home.

Be aware of alternative options such as taxis, mass transit or Tipsy Tow.

Drivers, passengers, party hosts, bartenders and/or restaurant managers in need of a Tipsy Tow can call 1-800-AAA-HELP (1-800-222-4357) between 6 p.m. May 5 and 6 a.m. May 6 and state that they need a Tipsy Tow. They will simply need to provide the driver’s name, home address, phone number and vehicle/driver location.

Tipsy Tow provides a one-way ride for the driver, one passenger and their vehicle at no cost for up to 10 miles. Services will not be provided to motorists requesting a tow to...a destination other than their home. A tow to a hotel may be allowed if the motorists is, or plans to become, a guest.


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Orwell Rolls in his Grave (Full 3HR Documentary)


Sunday, April 8, 2012

At the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, in Berlin

I don't know what this is, and is for...but, I like it!  It's from Kaviar Gauche...

And, I like their wedding dress (that was created by Alexandra Fischer-Röhler and Johanna Kühl)...