Monday, September 6, 2010

Shit My Dad Says, book review

Introduction, page "x":
"...all day long I dealt with people...who never really said what they were thinking.  The more time I spent with my dad...the more grateful I started to feel..."

In the beginning of the book we learn of the events that led to the creation of the Twitter account, the book, and the television show.

Throughout the book are examples of his father expressing himself as thoughts come to of consciousness commenting, if you will.

The more of the book I read, the more I laughed.  Loudly.  Many times...

This is a book that can be read for short periods of time.  It's great for those times when you have a break in the action. But, not if you're in areas where you need to be quiet and maintain control over outbursts: it may cause moments of grinning and laughing.