Saturday, September 1, 2007

'Til Tech Do Us Part

...spouses...say perennial arguments about who has more closet space are now joined by bickering over which TV shows get deleted to make room on the TiVo.


...sharing one Netflix account...Ms. De Chellis likes to use the DVD-by-mail service to rent romantic comedies. To sneak in the science-fiction and anime he prefers, Mr. De Chellis has taken to covert early-morning updates of the Netflix queue.

Waking up at 5 a.m. he logs onto his computer and changes the Netflix order to put his favorite movies on top. He knows the warehouse ships the movies by about 7 a.m., so by the time his wife realizes what he's done, it'll be too late...

SOLUTION: On the top right of your Netflix queue, click on "Add Queue" to create a second profile in the same account.

Netflix Chief Executive Reed Hastings says squabbles like that prompted the company to create his and hers queues under one account. Different family members can each get his or her top-choice movies at the same time...


SOLUTION: Instead of setting up a joint email account, use the "autoforward" function in Microsoft Outlook, Gmail or other common email programs. Autoforwarding can be set so that messages received by one spouse from certain people are automatically forwarded to the other.

Marriage counselors say they're increasingly hearing couples vent about electronic clashes...

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