Friday, November 27, 2009

eBay Mobile Boutique might be coming to your town

Someone from a public relations company sent some info to me...


The eBay Mobile Boutique is making holiday shopping simple and fun by bringing a one-stop shopping destination to shoppers in 12 cities across the U.S. The eBay Mobile Boutique will preview the breadth and depth of products available on eBay and highlight today’s hottest gifting trends.

The eBay Mobile Boutique will be touring from Tuesday, November 10 through Sunday, December 20. The schedule includes:
- Chicago (launch) - 11/10 - 11/11
- Philadelphia - 11/15 - 11/16
- Washington, DC - 11/19 - 11/20
- Atlanta - 11/23 - 11/24, 11/27
- Houston - 12/4
- Dallas - 12/6 - 12/7
- Phoenix - 12/12
- San Francisco - 12/15
- San Jose - 12/17
- Los Angeles - 12/19
- Orange County - 12/20

Everyone is welcome to visit the eBay Mobile Boutique. The Mobile Boutique will be open to shoppers from 11:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m., local time. The schedule is subject to change...visit

Items ranging from consumer electronics, collectibles, toys, home accents, clothing, shoes and accessories will be showcased at the eBay Mobile Boutique.

The Mobile Boutique represents what eBay offers holiday shoppers...

The Mobile Boutique will have personal shoppers who are experts on the eBay site as well as eBay customer service representatives. Staff will assist customers at the computer kiosks and handle customer service related questions.

Staff at the Mobile Boutique will be available on-site to help new customers set up a free account on and PayPal.

eBay will be offering “Flash Giveaways” – a $50 eBay gift cards to the first 100 individuals who note the password they find on either the eBay Facebook ( or the Twitter page ( Each city will have a different password, reflecting the hottest gift trend from that specific market. The giveaways will take place on the second day of the tour visit; for those cities where the Mobile Boutique is only in town one day, the giveaway will be offered on that day.

eBay’s trend experts who will be onsite: Constance White, Style Director; Karen Bard, Pop Culture Expert; Cat Schwartz, Tech and Toy Director; Meredith Barnett, eBay’s Editorial Director for The Inside Source; Jim Griffith, eBay Marketplace Expert; and Zem Joaquin, Home & Garden/Green expert.


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