Thursday, February 18, 2010

Welcome to Macintosh

If you like computers...any kind of might like the documentary "Welcome to Macintosh".

I found I like to put it on like background a screensaver...hell, you could play it in a lobby or waiting room (for the same reason you would leave magazines).

There are additional interviews of those in the can put them on and just relax, and do other things while they're on. (I did.)


In the Extras section:

"Making" contains one teaser, and three trailers...

"Photos" has pictures of old models, circuit boards, early drawings and sketches of what could have been. I wish each picture had a descriptive note so I knew what I was looking at...

and "Symbiosis" is more video of various models of Macintoshes.

The only thing I found strange was some "bleeping" of words that occurred. I wish there had not been that type of censoring.


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