Saturday, January 8, 2011

National Handwriting Day...write to heroes, members of the military

Pentel is celebrating National Handwriting Day with a new promotion called "Heroes Worth Writing For"...the promotion aims to educate Americans about the importance of the hand-written letter. Pentel of America...encourages Americans to put pen to paper and hand-write a letter expressing their appreciation to our U.S. troops.

National Handwriting Day is...January 23...The "Heroes Worth Writing For" promotion has a dual purpose:

1) It celebrates the importance of handwriting.  For children, learning how to write also helps teach them self-expression.  For adults, even in a world brimming with technology, handwriting remains a primary and very personal communication tool. 

2) It allows us to give back by recognizing and expressing our thanks to the U.S. troops who sacrifice their lives every day for our country. 

"...this is a great way for us to remind Americans about the significance, emotion, and engagement that can be enclosed within a hand-written letter.  Our U.S. troops are definitely noteworthy individuals who deserve to receive our best wishes and thoughts as well as our thanks for their time, dedication and commitment."

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