Friday, July 6, 2012

No internet for some July 9

July 9, if you have trouble with the internet...don't be surprised...

Lots of computers, "servers", that help to make the internet work were infected.

"The clean DNS servers will be turned off on July 9, 2012, and computers still impacted by DNSChanger may lose Internet connectivity at that time."

From as many computers as you can:

Go to the "DNS Changer Check-Up" website at .  If the computer is infected with DNS changer malware, you might see a red background...

Next, consider going to and read the section "Manually Checking if your DNS server have been Changed".

Facebook and Google are trying to help with this problem.  You can read more about it at these webpages:

To try to help you not become infected in the future, take a look at

It's best to use the latest and greatest operating systems (Windows, Mac, Linux, etcetera), and keep all of your software (and hardware) updated.  But you also need to be careful when using technology, and the internet and other services you connect to.


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