Thursday, May 29, 2008

ArtistDirect/Media Defender DOS attack on Revision3?

"If it can happen to Revision3, it could happen to your business too...what if MediaDefender discovers a tracker inside a hospital, fire department or 911 center? If it happened to us, it could happen to them too..."

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"MediaDefender employs a host of non-invasive technical countermeasures on P2P networks to frustrate attempts by users of P2P networks to locate, copy and share unauthorized copyrighted materials..."


"...MediaDefender has been contracted by every major record label and every major movie studio, video game publishers, software publishers, and anime publishers.

"In 2006, MediaDefender was acquired by ARTISTdirect (ARTD). MediaDefender P2P Marketing Solutions are just one of the many projects that has come out of the acquisition."

Let the boycotting begin!

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