Wednesday, June 25, 2008

radio stations need REAL music directors

Buzz Out Loud 753: "RIAA killed the radio star" was about the RIAA seeking money from radio stations for playing music...

If I were a radio station that could not afford to pay, I wouldn't. Hire a music director to obtain music from those who will allow it to be aired for free. There's LOTS of better music available than that which is distributed by major record labels. You'll lose the gripings from the record companies representatives, and gain the ears of your community.

In my career, before corporate edicts and computers, I listened to ENTIRE ALBUMS to decide what to play. Incoming music was shared amongst the staff for their opinions and recommendations. We had jock meetings, and "listener panels". We, humans, mixed records together so that the change from one song to another was an art (instead of computers assembling songs based on programmed marks in the files and programs). It was a lot of work, and the final product showed the care put into the choices and well as in the on-air atmosphere.

Music is not the only prized content we, as broadcasters, have to deliver to listeners. If you can only keep listeners by playing music, pay the ("protection") money to the RIAA.
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