Sunday, June 29, 2008

Windows XP available to 2009

But, not in retail stores...

Online retailers (like will continue selling Windows XP as standalone, OEM software after June 30...

After June 30, users who wish to purchase XP pre-installed as part of a PC will be required to purchase either Windows Vista Business or Windows Vista Ultimate and "downgrade" to Windows XP Professional, allowing Dell or another OEM to install XP for the price of Vista...

...both system builders and OEMs also have the option of purchasing Windows XP through Microsoft authorized distributors through January 31, 2009....

OEM copies often come with restrictions and limited support options; the OEM copies of Vista required the purchaser to provide technical support for the owner of the PC on which it was installed. However, retailers like Newegg cannot sell PCs with XP preinstalled, just like any other OEM. As long as a user states that he is a system builder and agrees to hold to the terms of the license, he or she may buy an OEM copy of Windows XP after the June 30 cutoff.

"...System Builders (sometimes referred to as "local OEMs"), may continue to purchase Windows XP through Authorized Distributors through January 31, 2009..."


"...The architectural changes that improved security and resilience in Windows Vista led to compatibility issues with existing hardware and applications..."

"...we are refining the kernel architecture and componentization model introduced in Windows Vista...they will not impact the user experience or reduce application or hardware compatibility."

(Based on past history, how can he say that with a straight face?... - S!ick)

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