Tuesday, February 3, 2009

AEE and GayVN

After planning to attend the 2009 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), I was offered the opportunity to also go to the 2009 AVN Adult Entertainment Expo (AEE) and the GayVN Expo. CES was being held in the Las Vegas Convention Center, and the Sands Expo Center. Luckily, the AEE was also at the Sands.

I arrived at the Sands and saw signs that indicated to me that the AEE was on the first floor. My picture was being taken by photographers, whom I assumed found my afro of interest. I found an entrance and was shown where to go to get my press credentials. They were given to me on a lanyard, and I was warned to guard them very carefully: some apparently had been taken by those who would later try to get into the show.

I entered the show on the first floor of the Sands...and wondered if I was in the wrong place. "This can't be the AEE, can it? It looks and feels like a flea market..." There were vendors...small booths...items and services...but not the glitsy extravaganza I had expected to see. "Where are the babes? The chicks? Where's all the nakedness and debauchery I had come to expect and hope for?..."

One of the exhibitors that impressed me was the Lizette shoe accessory. I have seen women's heeled shoes that have lacing that tie up the calf...but this is just the lacing: it can be worn with almost any shoe! What a GREAT fashion idea! (Dammit...I had another "I wish I had thought of that" moment...)

After seeing what there was to see, thirty minutes after arriving, I left what I thought was the AEE and headed towards the second floor to see the portion of CES that was there. On the way out of the AEE section, there were more photographers taking pictures of me...and asking me to take pictures with them. Sometimes I believe I am a celebrity, but times like these remind me that it's really my hair...

After leaving the CES section, I realized that there were a lot of people out in the hallway. They didn't seem to be there for CES...they weren't going in and coming out. And, they were dressed as if "clubbin'" was the purpose. I was informed that AEE was in Exhibit Hall A...which, is where I had thought I had been. Exhibit Hall A was on the second floor, and down past the open doors of CES. It was amazing...and loud...and exciting. I had only been in for a minute, and I was being called over to have my picture taken with...someone. I don't know who he was...he wanted to show his associated that he wasn't the only one with long hair: he had his tied into a ponytail. (Whoever you are, I'd like a copy of that pic...)

Coming out of the AEE I found the warning I had received was valid: there were those complaining of having their credentials and passes stolen...snatched off of their lanyards. (I had gripped mine firmly, and once I was inside the AEE I placed it in the portfolio I was carrying.) I was being offered cash for mine (I declined to sell it).

There's much to see and show. Due to all that I was obligated to, with events being held at various locations throughout the city, and having limited transportation I was not able to see "everything" (as I like to). Because I had to leave town, I wasn't able to attend Internext Las Vegas 2009 (which began after CES and AEE). I hope next year I'll be able to cover everything with video cameras, and broadcast a lot from all of the shows. And, should they need a Master of Ceremonies (it wouldn't be my first time: I've been called "master" before)...

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