Tuesday, February 24, 2009

eBay service hit by malware

Auctiva, a service "to help expedite the eBay listing process", was attacked by malware. In their online community Message Boards, they posted...

"...some of our machines were injected with malware originating in China...

"...if you did visit our site between Thursday evening and Saturday afternoon at about 2 PM PT, as a precautionary measure, we recommend taking the following actions to ensure that your computers are not infected:
1) Clear your browser cache, delete ALL temporary internet files, and restart your browser.
2) If using a Windows machine, make sure you are updated with all the current Microsoft updates and patches.
3) Make sure you are running some reputable antivirus software (AVG is available for free at http://free.avg.com and is known to catch this malware)
4) Use the Firefox browser if possible, as it has been shown to be less susceptible to this sort of malware than Internet Explorer.

What I find VERY interesting, is they never mentioned it via Twitter...

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