Sunday, May 10, 2009


" a service that makes it easy to share with friends online..."

You can get a "customized feed made up of the content that your friends shared — from photos to interesting links and videos to messages just for you. And your friends get their customized feeds, full of the cool stuff that you've shared."

"...You can subscribe to updates from individuals and groups, such as your family or a team of people you work and your friends contribute to a shared stream of information — information that you care about, because it's from the people that you care about.

"...your friends can see what you're sharing without creating an account, and you can embed your feed in your home page or blog. FriendFeed also lets you pull in updates from other sites around the web, and even publish your feed to services you already use..."

They support SSL encryption...but it appears it's just at login.

You can login using your Twitter, Facebook, or Google account. I logged in using my Google logon. As soon as I did, I noticed I had 21 friends...I don't know why. Some I follow on Twitter...but I did not use my twitter account to login with.

I did not make my account/feed "private"...and initially, it appeared that you must be a member of Friendfeed to see it. But, after a time, it seems that you/anyone now can.

"Connect the services you use to FriendFeed. For example, if you add Flickr, your feed will automatically update every time you publish a new photo...."

It does seem to automatically update. (Twitter related applications I use are and Tweetdeck.)

Here are some of the services they support:
Google Reader
Gmail/Google Talk

I chose to only connect to Diigo...because, at this moment, I don't want to integrate all the other services I use into FriendFeed. I think it's a great service, but not for me to use on a regular basis...not now...maybe one day.

I wish they supported OpenID (I'm still also waiting for Facebook to).

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