Tuesday, February 24, 2009

eBay service hit by malware

Auctiva, a service "to help expedite the eBay listing process", was attacked by malware. In their online community Message Boards, they posted...

"...some of our machines were injected with malware originating in China...

"...if you did visit our site between Thursday evening and Saturday afternoon at about 2 PM PT, as a precautionary measure, we recommend taking the following actions to ensure that your computers are not infected:
1) Clear your browser cache, delete ALL temporary internet files, and restart your browser.
2) If using a Windows machine, make sure you are updated with all the current Microsoft updates and patches.
3) Make sure you are running some reputable antivirus software (AVG is available for free at http://free.avg.com and is known to catch this malware)
4) Use the Firefox browser if possible, as it has been shown to be less susceptible to this sort of malware than Internet Explorer.

What I find VERY interesting, is they never mentioned it via Twitter...

Monday, February 16, 2009

shout-out from TR Out Loud

Ya'll know how I likes (free) stuff. Sonja Thompson of TechRepublic sent a box o' goodies to me, so I put up a quick YouTube post "outting" her...and, at 6:23 into her video, she outted me:

"...a snippet of a YouTube video created by TR member S!ick. Now, S!ick is also the co-host of TechtalkRadio.com. Maybe S!ick will send me an official TechtalkRadio t-shirt, size medium?..."

AM/FM Stereo Headset Radio/Headphones

Radio Shack

This comfortable AM/FM stereo headset doubles as headphones. Simply plug your CD player, MP3 or cassette player into the audio input jack.

better audio quality than expected

4 5

Pros: Good Sound Quality, Lightweight, Durable

Cons: Cord connects behind ear

Best Uses: Home Use, Commuting, Travel, Daily Use

Describe Yourself: Gearhead

I was comparing earphones and headphones I own...I purchase my set years ago, and recently found it's the best pair of headphone I own!


Study: Many Listeners Unhappy With Radio Programming

The RIT study is one of the first to explore direct effects of radio ownership consolidation on listeners’ attitudes toward and use of local radio, revealing potential impacts from deregulation on principles of radio “localism” and the public interest...

“Many American broadcasters in today’s era of ‘big media’ are not fulfilling their nearly century-old obligation to serve the public interest as stewards of the citizen-owned airwaves...”

Findings also revealed an emerging disconnect between local radio and today’s youth...respondents under age 25 reported listening to radio the least.

“Some stations are quite visible in their communities and many listeners regularly see radio personalities at local events...but does parking the station van at local festivals and handing out freebies fulfill broadcasters’ public-interest mandate? Most experts would answer: no.”

Key findings:

• More than 75% of respondents who attempted to reach a live announcer via studio telephone were occasionally unsuccessful; approximately 50% were “Never” or “Rarely” successful (findings Saffran attributes, in part, to computer-automated “voicetracking” and syndicated programming)

• Respondents’ primary sources for daily news: 1.) Internet, 2.) TV, 3.) Newspaper, 4.) Radio

Markets surveyed: Binghamton, Buffalo, Dallas-Fort Worth, Ithaca, Middlesex-Somerset-Union, Rochester

Policy proposals:

• Elimination of newspaper/broadcast cross-ownership ban

• Digital-spectrum reallocation to independent, local broadcasters

• Expanded licensing of low-power FM (LPFM) stations

• Sharpened and strictly enforced studio staffing requirements

The Telecommunications Act of 1996 and ensuing radio ownership consolidation are blamed for harming radio localism and the public interest...overall results indicate potentially negative consequences from local and national consolidation on amounts of local music, news, and public-service programming; live-local programming; and station responsiveness. Findings suggest policy change that could enhance radio localism.


Thursday, February 12, 2009

"do it all now" job

I had noticed that a major radio broadcasting company had posted on their website that they were accepting applications for a personality for the evening shift at one of their radio stations in a major market. After seeing all of the duties they expected the person in this position to perform, I decided I would not apply for it. Then, I saw it was listed at a part-time position: it was as if I never saw the punchline coming. Though I found it funny, I was too shocked to laugh.

A few days later I thought about it, and decided to take another look at the posting. It was now listed as a full-time position...but appeared to be a worse job than before. (I have corrected their misspellings...)


Job Description:
...The leading candidate will know how to entertain, connect, and win...You'll need to create a one to one bond through the air and online experience. You must have strong digital production skills, be great on phones, and be able to work in a strong team environment. You'll work with the APD/PD and Online Content Director to create compelling daily content that will air both on-air and online, which includes HD and Stream.

Employment Status: Full-Time

Job Requirements:
Your responsibilities will be to adhere to all company policies and procedures regarding indecency and obscenity; maintain a website personality page; must be current with relevant daily material; search out and share all possible web content with the Program Director and OCD; participate in required station Programming, Promotions, and Sales staff meetings and events; make regular approved appearances at paid and non-paid station events; execute only Program Director approved interviews and events on air during the regularly assigned shift; be on call for possible disasters, breaking news, or acts of nature; assist with the voice over and production of paid and non-paid spots required to run on the station; be an ambassador for the radio station when out in public; maintain a positive and approachable attitude when around listeners and clients. This position is a Weekend Air-Shift position.

Education Requirements:
...you need to be creative, energized, funny, able to relate to the adult audience and have a strong desire to be part of the future of radio...


Any radio personality with enough experience can see that they are asking for someone to do too much, with not enough time to comfortably get it done. I've had those gigs before...

My first professional radio job was in Rantoul, Illinois. It was part-time, and I did "everything" but was never asked to do more than that which could have been considered reasonable. (It was there I was snowed-in at the radio stations alone for a few days, and stayed on-air live so I could broadcast weather and news information to the community that needed it.)

Later in my career I had jobs where they wanted me to: do a "great" morning show, produce "great" commercials, attend lots of promotional events and many meetings, have on-air content cleared prior to putting it on the show, do weekend shifts...all with no (full-time) assistant(s).

For all their expectations, it was a better position when it was part-time: they must pay you for your work by the hour. As a full-time employee they can expect that you will work more than you are paid for. I can't imagine many desire this position...though they may apply for it out of need for employment.

No wonder radio stations are just slapping on Ryan Seacrest.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

CNN installed P2P software on PC's during inauguration!

...people who watched live streaming video of the inauguration of U.S. President Barack Obama on Jan. 20 may not realize that their PC was used to send the video to other PCs...Clicking "yes" to a CNN.com dialog box installed a peer-to-peer (P2P) application that uses your Internet bandwidth rather than CNN's to send live video to other viewers...

Octoshape's dialog box warns that playing a live video "requires" installing new software...if you click "no" to Octoshape, you can play the feed using the streaming video capability built into Windows Media Player or Adobe's Flash Player...

The Octoshape EULA doesn't become available until after the user is required to select "yes" or "no" to install the app...

Any Web site you visit that is "Octoshape aware" can invoke the application. If a security vulnerability is discovered in the Octoshape software, hackers could exploit the weakness.

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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

media use survey

"...Ketchum launched Media Myths & Realities, an annual survey of media use in the U.S. and abroad. We conducted the 2008 research this past fall.

"This year’s study again looks at how U.S. consumers use media relative to the ways in which communication professionals deliver their messages...


[The following is something I have been screaming at my peers in power for decades...and they still don't "get it". Since they don't, they also do not get new "customers"...and keep the ones they had. - S!ick]

...one thing is clear: The number of people seeking and getting advice is increasing.

For consumers facing decisions on what products to buy, where to go for vacation, which doctor to see or how to invest for the future, word-of-mouth may count more than ever...

...how can a company shape such conversations?


There are no shortcuts...brands should listen to what people are saying and then ask, “How can we provide value to this community?...”


[This reminds me of those idiotic promotional announcements that radio stations run on-air, and testimonial television commercials, of "regular"/"normal"/"everyday" people who say they listen to it... - S!ick]

...people will share information about your brand in authentic, organic conversations only if they want to...

...you can’t drive word-of-mouth...

...If a company offers a quality product that delivers something consumers need, someone will talk about it...

...consumers are relying more and more on each other for credible information on products and services.


...Among U.S. consumers ages 45 and older, the use of search engines rose steadily since 2006, and among those 65 and older it increased by more than 60 percent. At the same time, search engine use has fallen among those 18 to 44, with the youngest adult consumers (ages 18 to 24) showing the biggest drop.


...the number of American adults using blogs as a source of information has nearly doubled since 2006, from 13 to 24 percent...

"...As newspapers cut back on detailed coverage...blogs filled the void and in some cases have even provided more timely and better information...

"...nonjournalist sites can sometimes be more timely and break stories faster than traditional journalist sites..."

[And we are more willing to be more blunt, passionate, and honest about the subject(s) we post... - S!ick]


Consumers in the U.S., the U.K. and Brazil turn first to television and the Internet to get information...

[Twice as much as newspapers and radio. Most newspapers are not free, and can be inconvenient to read; most radio stations do not put forth reasonable effort to compete for those in their listening areas and communities... - S!ick]
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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

AEE and GayVN

After planning to attend the 2009 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), I was offered the opportunity to also go to the 2009 AVN Adult Entertainment Expo (AEE) and the GayVN Expo. CES was being held in the Las Vegas Convention Center, and the Sands Expo Center. Luckily, the AEE was also at the Sands.

I arrived at the Sands and saw signs that indicated to me that the AEE was on the first floor. My picture was being taken by photographers, whom I assumed found my afro of interest. I found an entrance and was shown where to go to get my press credentials. They were given to me on a lanyard, and I was warned to guard them very carefully: some apparently had been taken by those who would later try to get into the show.

I entered the show on the first floor of the Sands...and wondered if I was in the wrong place. "This can't be the AEE, can it? It looks and feels like a flea market..." There were vendors...small booths...items and services...but not the glitsy extravaganza I had expected to see. "Where are the babes? The chicks? Where's all the nakedness and debauchery I had come to expect and hope for?..."

One of the exhibitors that impressed me was the Lizette shoe accessory. I have seen women's heeled shoes that have lacing that tie up the calf...but this is just the lacing: it can be worn with almost any shoe! What a GREAT fashion idea! (Dammit...I had another "I wish I had thought of that" moment...)

After seeing what there was to see, thirty minutes after arriving, I left what I thought was the AEE and headed towards the second floor to see the portion of CES that was there. On the way out of the AEE section, there were more photographers taking pictures of me...and asking me to take pictures with them. Sometimes I believe I am a celebrity, but times like these remind me that it's really my hair...

After leaving the CES section, I realized that there were a lot of people out in the hallway. They didn't seem to be there for CES...they weren't going in and coming out. And, they were dressed as if "clubbin'" was the purpose. I was informed that AEE was in Exhibit Hall A...which, is where I had thought I had been. Exhibit Hall A was on the second floor, and down past the open doors of CES. It was amazing...and loud...and exciting. I had only been in for a minute, and I was being called over to have my picture taken with...someone. I don't know who he was...he wanted to show his associated that he wasn't the only one with long hair: he had his tied into a ponytail. (Whoever you are, I'd like a copy of that pic...)

Coming out of the AEE I found the warning I had received was valid: there were those complaining of having their credentials and passes stolen...snatched off of their lanyards. (I had gripped mine firmly, and once I was inside the AEE I placed it in the portfolio I was carrying.) I was being offered cash for mine (I declined to sell it).

There's much to see and show. Due to all that I was obligated to, with events being held at various locations throughout the city, and having limited transportation I was not able to see "everything" (as I like to). Because I had to leave town, I wasn't able to attend Internext Las Vegas 2009 (which began after CES and AEE). I hope next year I'll be able to cover everything with video cameras, and broadcast a lot from all of the shows. And, should they need a Master of Ceremonies (it wouldn't be my first time: I've been called "master" before)...

Monday, February 2, 2009

Porn "scoring" after a Super Bowl scoring?...

A clip from Club Jenna was shown to Comcast subscribers watching KVOA...

Porn Broadcast During Superbowl - Watch more NSFW