Sunday, April 11, 2010

Some take social networking MUCH too seriously

I'm on a roll! Two days is a row I've pissed-off two different people due to my posts on the internet. "Do I hear three?..."

The first "offense" was a comment I made to someone's post I intended as a joke, but...based on their response...I assume the subject matter I used hit much to close to home to something bad that may have happened in their life or to someone they care/cared a lot about. As I have posted before (somewhere...maybe here), I thought there were some who knew me well enough to know when I intend to offend. Because when I do, I plan to do my best to make it as obvious and painful as possible. But, oh and (maybe) learn.

Next, I made a post on one of MY accounts that someone took offense to because...I believe...I referred to some quotes in the movie "Religulous" that were attributed to others (Benjamin Franklin, Thoms Jefferson, John Adams), and those comments do not support religion. (And the mixture of religion and government.) I suppose the person who commented on my post is..."passionate"...about his beliefs, and does not appreciate the movie (and Bill Maher). His comment alluded to I had accepted the quotes that were offered in the movie, and was just spreading the content. Before I made the post, I did look to see if I could verify the quotes: I found enough sources to feel that the texts were valid. Because how I was taken to task about my post, it is logical to expect that the commenter did not check to see if those quotes were false or accurate.

I am amazed at how it seems some don't take a breath, or two...or more...and respond more cordially than they do. And not just to me. With the written word, there are no extra cues that could give much more insight to the tone and context of a if voice and visual were added to the package. Are you sure there's not a better way to respond than the way you are about to when you hit the "enter" key?

(I don't argue. I can't think of the last time I have. When I haven't , some have perceived it as a lack of interest. I have never had a constructive argument with anyone...ever. And I don't believe I have ever witnessed one. I'll have a passionate discussion, but that's as far as I'll go. "Mister Spock" is my hero. From the perspective of a martial artist, I love it when emotion and attitude allows me to have the advantage over others...)

Maybe I should just be thankful that someone has taken any interest in my expressions at all. Maybe.

Aw, screw 'em...


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