Friday, October 21, 2011

A mouse made for DJs....

DJ-Tech has created a mouse specifically for use by DJs.  At first,  I wasn't sure this product needed to exist.  But, I now know it does.

DJs using computers need to a mouse designed for the environment they will be in, and the mouse needs to be an instrument with certain particulars that will not hamper their performance.

I was sent a DJ-Tech DJ Mouse (Deckadance), and love it.  It has a nice weight to it...enough that makes me feel that when I am in control of it, I am sure my movements will be precise.  (I was unable to weigh it...since the "DJ Mouse Traktor Edition" states it weighs 120 grams, I assume the one I received is the same weight).

To aid in low-light situations, like nightclubs, three controls on the mouse are lit:  the vertical wheel, the jog wheel, and the "scratch" button.  The vertical wheel is rubber for comfort, wider than normal, and has raised bumps for accuracy when scrolling.  The vertical and jog wheels also have button functionality (for pressing and "clicking").

I did not spend time with the software because it has too many features for me to cover in one article.

I am impressed by the hardware, and wish there were drivers so I can customize the mouse for use without the Deckadance software.  I want to be able to use this as my primary mouse, and assign specific functions to the controls.

The mousepad they provide is the right size for use in areas that can be crowded with other equipment around:  7 by 8.5 inches.  (The mouse uses an optical sensor at 800 DPI.)

Deckadance software was included with the DJ-Tech DJ Mouse, but there is a DJ Mouse Traktor Edition...

which includes software from Native Instruments.

Take note that one of my computers which can boot to USB drives and devices would not boot to the internal hard drive if the mouse was attached when I powered-on the computer.


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