Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Is Compaq is too damn compact?...

I just received a call from a computer repair shop that I've been assisting at...

"Hey...I just opened this tower of the new computer that the customer left...there's nothing in it..."

What?  The tower of a one day old, brand new Compaq CQ2010 contains almost...nothing.  The day before, I went into the Base Exchange ("BX") on an Air Force base with an older couple to try to help them choose a new computer.  From what they told me about how they use computers, I saw no reason to not suggest purchasing the least expensive computer that was available.  Which was the Compaq for $299.  And now, I know why the older woman had no problem lifting it...

Take a look at the specifications here.

And now...the motherboard:

Manufacturer: Pegatron
Form factor: Mini-ITX form factor: 17 cm (6.7 inches) x 20 cm (7.9 inches)
Chipset: AMD Hudson-D1 FCH
Memory sockets: 2 x DDR3
Front side bus speeds: 4 lanes, 2.5 GT/s per lane UMI (Unified Media Interface)
Processor socket: Not applicable because the processor is soldered down to the motherboard

Notice anything missing?

(Answer:  PCI slots.)

The technician who opened they case said the motherboard is about as large as those found in netbooks.

And, take a close look at the power input port:  "DC input power".  Just like they use for portable/notebook computers.

Buyer beware.


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Diamond Dave said...

According to the specs, you can use BOTH the VGA and DVI outputs simultaneously...so, dual monitors baby! (wonder how COD:MW will run?)