Friday, November 16, 2012

Personality radio...where the hell is it?

Here are some items from an article titled "Hot-Rocking, Flame-Throwing Memories".  The article covers radio programming based in personality.  A lot of the points of this article have been lost to radio station ownership and management.  These are things I learned from working (hard) "in the trenches"...


“You never had time to look back or to debate very long on decisions...You had to just go on your ‘gut’ because it was fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants programming.”

“People in modern-day radio over-think programming...”

"...I have never heard a boring air-check of ‘Z100′ in the 1980s.  It was always exciting, compelling, and on the edge.  The whole station lived on the edge.  You never knew when we were going to say something crazy or do something stupid.”

"...we were all on a team.”

“Frankly, many companies don’t want personalities who rise above the others because of budgets...there really doesn’t seem to be much training going on in the business.  There certainly is not as much as there was before.”

" is still about passion and excitement...Compelling content is more important than ever because everyone now has the same tools...too many stations sound alike.  Stations have the same information and research.  Many stations around the country even have the same personalities...”

"...teach people to have a flame burning in their soul and to have a passion for what they do..."

“I don’t recognize radio people as personalities hardly at all today.  You are lucky if you are able to say just your name – it is amazing.  In most cases, they have no personality.  It is another flip-card situation.  You can hear how restricted they are.  No one is allowing personality radio.  There is no reason for you to listen to radio unless you can find a personality but there are not many of them...”

“It is not what you say – it is how you say it.  You can choose to do, ‘That was/here is’ – or – you can get something done by saying where the artist is from, or some unique situation about the song.  It is called being knowledgeable.  That is a contribution that makes people want to listen.  Unfortunately though, there is no money for talent in radio anymore.  It is something I would not want to do because of what they pay.  It is ridiculous and so sad.”

"...I am not going to get up to check out a CHR morning show...I don’t hear much other than a syndicated Ryan Seacrest...he is basically doing show business stuff and gossip.  There is nothing about that to make me think, ‘Oh my God, that is a fantastic bit – I have to listen tomorrow’...I have not heard much from the others I have listened to, but then again, I do not expect much.”


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