Wednesday, March 13, 2013

review: Pioneer HDJ-2000 headphones

I heard about the Pioneer HDJ-2000 Professional Flagship DJ Headphones that had "construction robust enough to withstand professional use".  Having destroyed many sets of "cans" during, what I consider, "normal" use on-air in radio stations...and as a D.J. in various nightclubs...I had to try them.

After removing them from the box and admiring in a mirror how good I look, and how good they headphones look on me, I noticed they're very..."light".  Yet, they feel sturdy.  And durable.  Per Pioneer, "This minimizes stress on the head..."

The swivel mechanism allows for the earphones to swing out towards the front of your face.  The headphones can also be swung down, around, and they face away from your head.

The audio cable attaches via a Mini XLR connector.  It's a 4-foot coiled cable, that can stretch to approximately 10 feet.  Attached to an end of the cord is a 1/8-inch plug.  A 1/4-inch screw-on adapter is included.

Pioneer states:  "Low-rebound urethane foam is used inside the ear pads and head pad...maintaining comfort with a snug fit even in long sessions..."  They are "snug"...but not obviously noticeably so.  And "closed", meaning noises outside of the headsets are expected to be minimized.  Yet with "clear reproduction of mid to high sound ranges...These headphones are also suitable for professional use in studios."  I concur.

Using various (software program) audio players, I listened to various very high-quality audio files of varied genres (pop, adult contemporary, funk and soul)...because I have various eclectic tastes.  I was able to notice audio artifacts in some songs I had never before been aware of.  The bottoms were clean...and bass lines not muddy (as some headphones can produce).

Should you ever need, or want to have a spare set, replacement ear pads are available for the HDJ-2000 (they are the HDJ-EP01).

A MONO/STEREO switch allows for when you are using only one earphone to monitor...and/or when you need to check the phasing of audio (when the left and right audio have been incorrectly produced).

The HDJ-CA01 Replacement Cord for the HDJ-2000 is available so you can replace a damaged cord, and/or have one as a spare.

The headphones fold and can be place in a bag that is provided for storage and transport...

If you want something with more protection the HDJ-HC01 DJ Headphone Case is designed specifically for the Pioneer HDJ-2000, as well as the HDJ-1500 Professional Headphones.  It has a carabiner (so you can connect the case to a bag or belt loop).  Inside is a pouch for USB drives and SD cards.

The HDJ-2000 headphones are available in silver, black chrome, and white.

I strongly recommend that, before you waste your money on (any) "Beats By Dr. Dre - Beats", "AKG - Quincy Jones Signature Series", or "SMS Audio - STREET by 50 Cent" consider the HDJ-2000:  the HDJ-2000 have more features.

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