Saturday, March 9, 2013

Samsung Galaxy Player (4.0 takes on the iPod Touch)

You don't need a "smartphone" to get the services and toys available to them.  And, I'm not referring to "tablets" and "e-readers"...

The early devices I became familiar with that allowed for similar features are personal digital assistants (PDAs):  the Sony CLIÉ, Palm TX and LifeDrive, and the like.

A Samsung Galaxy Player 4.0 was sent to me so that I may review it...

One of the first things I experienced is, because of the size of my hands...I wish they had sent the the 5-inch version:  at times my fingers are too big for the small targets of the on-screen keyboard.

Another reason I want the largest of the players is because, to use a memory card with the Player 4.0, I need to remove the back cover of the unit.  The Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0 has a memory card slot on the top of it.

It has an FM radio receiver...but stations are played in mono...and four of them can be presets/favorites.  Wi-Fi capability is also included.

On the back there are two ports for speakers, and the 3.2 megapixel camera.

Based on my experiences with the iPod Touch, the Samsung Galaxy Player is a much better choice for users of Microsoft Windows:  I have never been able to master using Apple's iTunes with (various models of) iPods.  The Galaxy Player uses the Android operating system so the folder storage structure is like Windows.

Recently while riding a bus...I noticed that I was very happy I was using the Galaxy Player 4.0, and not a (7-inch) tablet:  I was seated, with someone sitting next to me...and only had enough room to be able to move my arms to use the Galaxy Player to make a few notes.  If  you use public transportation, I strongly recommend you consider using a Galaxy Player to entertain yourself:  you can read books, magazines, and newspapers on the device.

Other than my notebook computers, I have been using it as my portable communications device:  I installed the Google Voice app and use it to monitor incoming voice messages, and receive and send text messages.


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