Saturday, April 26, 2008

CompTIA A+ Certification All-In-One Desk Reference For Dummies

A cursory review of the 2006 edition...I borrowed it from a library...the CD was missing.


page 19/chapter 2
"A+ Soft Skills" covers customer relations skills
There should have been mention of having discussions of specific expected resolutions should be held BEFORE they are will set the tone for troubleshooting.


Page 21 gets into preliminary troubleshooting strategies:
identify the problem...
identify changes that were made to the computer before the problem arose...
and break big problems into smaller pieces.

Resolution considerations:
what is the ultimate goal?...
what is the/an immediate goal?...
are there any time limits?

Prioritize: set a goal, and the time limits to reach it.


page 22

Considerations of analyzing the problem and its potential causes; discussion of the basic troubleshooting process.


page 23

Backup settings and files

Test one configuration change at a time
(There is no "silver bullet"...either you want to troubleshoot, or you don't. Is there a time limit?...)

How to research for potential fixes

Prioritize potential fixes

Document the issue
(THIS should have been discussed before "soft skills". Any agreement should be documented. I say this from professional experience...)


chapter 2/page 474
The Art of Troubleshooting
(There is a science to it, but some aspects do pertain to one's personal individualistic approach to a particular issue.)


Book V
Operating System Basics

page 497