Saturday, April 5, 2008

website basics

(As with all things) Some comments I agree with...others I don't...others: debatable...


"...the basics for a successful site: Keep it simple, clean and well-organized.

"Don't Use Flash Animations...The landing pages of some sites require visitors to wait for a Flash animation to load before they can access the site's content...make the user experience as fast and simple as possible. Anything that gets in the...way should be seriously reconsidered.

"Flash animation can slow your site down...People get impatient on the Web, and if you make them wait, they'll go somewhere else."


I hate Flash: I don't always get to use a fast internet connection, AND I use slow computers and PDAs...


"...Ask your designer to create a content management system (CMS) for your site. The CMS is essentially a database that allows you to make Web site edits and additions using simple templates in a Web browser. Changes are reflected immediately on the site...

"When in Doubt, Leave it Out...If it's not necessary, don't do it."


I need to quickly complete tasks and move on to other things...I won't invest much time and effort in websites: unless I'm killing time, I will quickly move on. And it's possible I may never return to the/your site...

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