Saturday, April 26, 2008

Nice Office

[A (cursory) review...]

For evaluation, I was loaned a BlackBerry to use with the service.

I consider it contact management "on steroids".

It works with webmail, Exchange, and Outlook...and can be "Push Email" capable.

It's online website syncs the Address book, Calendar, and Tasks with compatible PDAs...

You can upload documents into your Nice Office web account, and fax and e-mail them from your BlackBerry.

The service is designed with sales activities in mind...but, because of its tools, I feel it could be adaptable to other industries and businesses.


On the Blackberry


The View Sales screen shows individual sales records and details about the transaction. You can review the client’s sales history in detail.

View Customized Fields (Sales) – These fields can be entered and edited from the Smartphone as well as on the website.

The View Journals screen displays opportunity and sales specific notes...


Reports section

Some of the available reports include:
Contacts Report,
Leads by Date/Zip Reports,
Pending Commissions Report,
Sales Total Report,
plus eleven more.

Calendar Report lists all of your past and scheduled activities...the report can be filtered by a start and end date range.

The Agent Forecast Sales Report can be filtered by a start and end date range. You can determine your potential income from this report.

The Tasks Report can be a “to do” list.

In The Client Report section, both insurance oriented, have:
The Client Sales Report and...
The Commissions Paid Report (which lists all of your earnings year to date).

The Downline Hierarchy Report lists your downline sales employees...a “drill down” from the manager’s level to downline employees through their subordinates.

The Leads by Date Report:
has a Leads by Zip(code) Report, and...
allows you to call leads directly from the report by clicking the contact’s number.

The Pending Commissions Report is insurance oriented.

The Product Report lists all of the products you represent for different vendors.
The Product Sales Report displays sales by product code and date.
And The Sales Total Report lists all closed sales transactions within the date range you specify (a good way to produce a hardcopy of your business transactions).


In Contacts:
you can make Journal entries...
set appointments from this screen...
and use Mapping to visually locate your customer, or plot a trip.


You can erase data on device remotely. Useful if you terminate an employee, transfer a postition to a new hire, or lose the Blackberry.


Nice Office Wireless Supported Devices:
Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC

For information about service providers and carriers, contact Nice Office.

Customer Support Hot Line at (888) 377-8200

Nice Office is available for as low as $4.95 per month.


They also provide a service called Radar...

RADAR instantly alerts parents by sending a message to the parents cell phone when unknown or high risk people try to call, email, text or instant message their children. Unusual activities are also logged to the parents' RADAR web account, allowing them to view, assess and take action on questionable contacts. A user-friendly home page provides quick access to the online management tools and resources parents need to safely manage, monitor and report to law enforcement any inappropriate contact with their children.

You can monitor, and manage, contacts (edit, delete, and add).

The Radar service can work with authorities by providing a "chain of evidence"...after 14 days, some phone companies have destroyed the history of the account of the phone.

Radar services are free to law enforcement (contact them for more information).

Alert services available for schools, agencies, communities, and more.

If you are coming out of your contract, call them for information on possible deals on phones and service.

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