Sunday, May 30, 2010

Edmonds and Foster, (2010) May 30

A long time ago...on a radio station far, far away...and now off-air...two friends were hired by another friend to do a friendly radio show...and then they were fired. The end. Except...

Someone created the internet, and then podcasts.

Initially, this began as me testing some software that will allow for the recording from chat software...which I may later post a review of: so far, I've found interaction of the software to be a little "iffy".

When on-air, and off-air, this is how Robert and I interact in our personal lives...and have for decades.

Other than the fact that we were once paid to be on-air together, we have no other reason to believe that anyone might want to hear what we have to say. But now, we make it available for anyone to hear...depending on how bored and lonely you are.

Feel free to fast-forward.


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