Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Before you purchase movies on DVDs that offer digital copies...

Especially the "Star Trek 2-Disc Special Edition", know that the digital copy being offered might not be on the disc you are purchasing:  you may need to download it.  If you can...

AFTER I opened the (Star Trek) package and inserted a DVD, I was offered a "Transfer to iTunes" option.  When I chose that, I was required to have an Apple ID.  Which, due to previous purchases from iTunes, I have.

After logging in, (as has happened before) I was unable to proceed past the "Payment Method section"...because I don't have a credit card (and any funds in my PayPal account).  So, I can't get my digital copy from the iTunes store.

iTunes has often dissappointed me.  Whenever I've attempted to download free content, like the "Free Single of the Week", I find that I could not (because I cannot get past the "Payment Methond" section).

At the moment, due to a gift card I had received, I have over $26 of active credit in my iTunes account.

And NOW, I find I can't log into iTunes with my Apple ID...AND my AOL Screen Name.

Buyer beware.

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