Monday, June 7, 2010

Wireless car mouse for Father's Day?

The e-mail I received began:
"I wanted to introduce you the one luxury car that’s guaranteed not to have a recall this year...the Motormouse."

(And, of course, after receiving that message...there were more recalls. Of motorized vehicles, not computer mice...)

"Inspired by the Porsche 9-11...makes a great gift item and conversation starter for any gadget lover.

"...It is available in red, silver and black..."

The one that was sent to me is the "RedPOM: Red classic sports car wireless mouse"...

A carrying pouch is provided, which has an inner sleeve for spare batteries. The batteries are installed in the trunk, and the USB receiver can also be stored there. There is energy saving technology so when the mouse isn't in use, it will hibernate. When the batteries need to be changed, the headlights flash...

On their webpage it states it has the "worlds’ smallest 2.4 GHz USB receiver": I measured it as 3/4 of an inch (19 mm) long...and once it is inserted into a USB port, 1/2 of an inch (12.5 mm) of the receiver extends from the computer.

Sensitivity settings on one model can be set at 400, 800, or 1600 DPI...but I received the model locked to 1200 DPI (its settings cannot be changed).

The scroll wheel feels GREAT! It's 31/64 of an inch (12 mm) wide, made of rubber...and is very comfortable.

Ahem...Father's Day is June 20.


I use a computer in a small, cramped area...and decided to try the Motormouse to see if, being wireless, it might make my experience more comfortable:  IT DOES!  If you have limited space to use a mouse in, the Motormouse might also be the answer for you...

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