Thursday, July 29, 2010

August 2, new UltimateDefrag Version 3 release

Monday, August 2, UltimateDefrag Version 3 will be released to the public...


We're giving you a sneak preview of UltimateDefrag Version 3 with this free download of the product manual where you can read up on how to use these new features. Also, below are videos of some of these features in action.

...simply drag and drop any file or directory (and its files) to any block (cluster) on the drive. Click move and watch the files move to their new position. Great for gamers or users of any demanding software wanting to discreetly optimize performance of a particular program and/or keep those files apart from other files on your hard drive. Another defragmentation software first.

Boot Time System File Defragmentation Lets You Defrag and Optimally Place System Files

...defragmentation and custom, optimal placement of (not normally defraggable) system files such as MFT and Page File. So yes you can now finally properly defrag your MFT, defrag your page file and.... place them exactly for optimum performance!

...use the interface to position and order all of your system files.  Then click run at next boot and next time you restart your system your system files will be defragged and optimally positioned.

This features works on all 32 bit and all 64 bit versions of XP, Vista and the new Windows 7.

Ability to sort high performance and archive files by a variety of methods.

Ability to defrag all files in a specific directory with just one click.

...The ability to select a file or folder from the Cluster Viewer or File Highlighter and then DRAG it to wherever on the disk display you want that file or directory to can drag and drop files onto wherever you want them to be placed on your drive...if you have a number of large Outlook PST files that you want to be placed outside of the normal cluster of high performance files but still wish to have pretty high performance from, you can place the files/directories in the free space just inside the HP zone of files. We think this is a very cool feature and hope you do too.

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