Friday, July 16, 2010

radio (broadcasting) formatics

As a listener, and as a broadcaster, I've always preferred (what I consider to be) a balancing of the elements.

No long commerical breaks...I don't like to have more than three commercials in a break.  And, I like to have something quick between the second and third commericial:  promo something that's upcoming, whether it's somthing that ahead within a few minutes or a few hours...

No long breaks with too many elements (promos, commercials, bits, etcetera)...

And try to play two or three songs before stopping for an exented period of time ("break").

I have no problem with the "song, commercial, song, commercial & programming element, song, commercial" just needs to be properly, and comfortably, executed.

Being a fan of radio is what made me want to work in radio...these are the things that seemed to be great and attractive formatics and procedures.


"...if you’re 75 years old and love oldies, but you walk past an encoded signal wearing a meter (the Portable People Meter) that picks up an r&b/hip-hop station, then you are Ludacris listener whether you really are or are not.

"...25% of all women who listen to the demographic’s core adult contemporary or CHR stations feel that the stations do not understand them..."

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