Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The "knife" that should be in EVERYONE'S pocket

Looking for a neat gift to give?  I suggest a type of knife that almost everyone needs...

See...they were within reach, and my abdomen was growling with hunger.  Cans of tuna.  Ready to be opened and eaten.  But...not a working can opener to be found.  I have two P-38s but, as I have been couch-surfing for many years, couldn't find them in my belongings.  In desperation, I thought I might be able to use my pocketknife to open the can...and found I can do so:  and I had forgotten it's not just "any old pocketknife"!

After doing some research, I've found that the model I own was probably the "Soldier Knife model 1961" that has a blade, a combined bottle-opener/screwdriver/wire-stripper (I never knew about the wire-stripper), a combined can-opener and small screwdriver, and a reamer.

It seems that the new product descriptions for this model are:

the Pioneer (Item Number:  53960, and

and the Standard Issue (Item No:  16520,

I must tell you about the Giant Knife (Item No:  16999) that has 87 Implements, and 141 Functions.

Dear Swiss Army people,

I want one just so I can record videos of me using every tool on in it.




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